Friday, July 31, 2015

Space1 Rocket Iron Man

Space1's Iron Man is a real concept of a rocket man wearing an Iron Man suit that is ejected at a high suborbital flight pattern from Space1's new Iron Man Rocket. He then has time to fly back to the earth in the most exciting rocket man or Iron Man style.

Making science fiction into science fact, Rocket Man and Iron Man are new concepts being explored for Space1 Tourism where a tourist can actually choose the most exciting tour, as an astronaut, rocket man or iron man. This is your chance to be Iron Man and soar through the sky, ejected from our high altitude rocket.

Assume the role of this rocket Iron Man, as an ejectable from Space1's Iron Man Rocket. Soar through the sky from a high altitude back to earth until a parachute releases for a safe landing. Assuming the role of Rocket Man during space tourism is the ultimate thrill and adrenalin rush. Ride the big rocket skyward and eject into space, more exciting than skydiving, relive this actual science fiction character in real life.

Potential HUD Heads Up Display for rocket iron man.