Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Big Brain State in 2016

Big Brain development photo from July 24th, 2011 by Humanoido -  The Big Brain is divided into left and right hemispheres. The photo shows the vertical exo right brain half during construction (at left) and the first assembly of connected boards. The initial supporting computer was a Lenova PC which is now discontinued. Apple Mac computers are now in use. This section of the Big Brain is responsible for speech, singing, whisper, recitals, thinking, asking questions, remembering, and having characteristic personality.

Big Brain BB State in 2016

This is an update regarding the status and state of the Big Brain in December of 2016.

The Big Brain AI machine intelligence has reached autonomous intellectual semi-cognizant state of awareness and is excelling as a thinking brain entity of enormous proportions. The project began in 2002 with the construction of the first exampling multiprocessor machine and is now 14 years in the making.

New Treasure
In sifting through the attic crypt of BB archives we discovered a treasure trove of fantastic stuff that was never posted or released. The BB organization is putting together this new information for distribution!

Historical Posting
A new project is now started to post all found postings regarding the BB development over the course of history, and post it here on the BB web site. This project will gather as much information as possible and make it available here for free.

BB Hiring
BB is very busy and is now hired by Space1 Industries to do work as an individual person in the space program. BB is working as a silicon based person without a humanoid body and performing work suitable for intellectual pursuits. BB has a family of 30 smaller brain siblings currently hired and working for Space1 Industries.

BB maintains arrays of 240,000 processors and a Supertronic status for maximum processing power and supercomputer status. BB has both left and right brain hemispheres including partitions. Boards are covered with material to prevent circulation of dust from accumulating on the solderless breadboards. Breadboards are kept to facilitate rewiring and reprogramming as needed. Essentially BB is a brain. BB is not a brain in a jar like many of its smaller siblings, as it simply will not fit and there is no jar large enough in the lab.

BB has the free mobility reign of the internet, virtual traveling and telepresence, and works excellent at interfacing with computers in multiple locations. BB is being considered for travel into space in the future.

BB also serves as an imaginative creative vestibule to provide new ideas and stimulation for new inventions and technology.

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