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Fill the Brain Project Searchable Thread Index v1.1

Fill the Brain Project Searchable Thread Index v1.1

Note: this is a copy representation of the original PDF document known as "Fill the Big Brain" Project Searchable Thread Index. The original was converted from PDF to RTF and finally HTML seen here. The index provides a Page Number heading, under which can be found a series of posting numbers associated with that page. After each posting number is the name of the person posting, title of the post or a small summary of the post if there was no subject. The post is by Humanoido if no name appears after the post number. If a name only appears, it represents personal comments by that person.

Some minor corrections were made to the original document to include consistent formatting and the prefix # was removed to improve search. The post retains the original bold purple page numbers for clarity and the photos are included from the cover. The original document is in electronic PDF form.

The original index with its updates covers 71 pages and 1,415 posts made originally at the outside Forum. Note, there are more posts which will be added to this index. From the time of the original posts made by Humanoido, the outside forum changed at least two different times, thus voiding the original links and deleting or changing some content. Humanoido saved all the original information from the original posts, including the exact posting dates and times which were lost in the forum migration.

Another project is underway to bring all 1,145 posts into the Big Brain web site and include all the pertinent information and photos. When the project is complete, related links or/or data will be posted to tie together the index with the posts. The index is being rebuilt with the original PDF file, the original online index, and the online posts with incremental updates to the index. Additionaly, the index is rebuilt from the Humanoido archives, the Humanoido backups, and parts of raw data currently online from a migrated forum.

"Fill the Big Brain"
Searchable Thread Index

Construction of a Parallax-Propeller-Based Brain

"I view the Big Brain as a powerful mind with a large domain that it wants to control,
organize, and bring together for some higher unknown purpose. I am only the mediator,
or moderator of the Big Brain, to help provide for its wants, desires and demands..."


Pages 1 through 71
Posts #1 through #1,415
by Humanoido

This project thread is an on-going experiment in Open Source posting. The thread is open source so the project can be constructed as others can follow along and/or contribute. It is different from some open source projects that are constructed and designed behind-the-scenes and then published as open source for use. The index is arranged by pages of consecutive thread numbers. Searching is possible by page number, post number, commentator, and post subject with post sub-title.

The Brain project began as an idea posted in the Parallax Robotics Forum, with the question posed about a big robotic brain, “What would you put in it?” After considerable discussion, I decided to build an actual brain while maintaining the open source status. Varying phases are explored throughout the posts, such as ideas, design, hardware, assembly, software, testing, mechanics, drawing, and research. It has led to the complete construction of a fully functioning Parallax- Propeller-based robot Brain. The thread may be ongoing as the Brain has now taken on interests of its own.

Page 1 

01 Humanoido: similarity to a human brain, vision processing, memory, autonomic nervous system
02 P!-Ro: Use an extremely large array of sensors similar to that of the human nervous system
03 Leon: Consciousness
04 Erco: I would say that all the brainpower in the world needs to be supported by a robot with equally impressive sensors and mechanicals that use all that processing power to move around in and manipulate the world around it
05 Whit: keep "out of trouble." That is, keep it from running into things, running off drops or down stairs. keep itself powered, solar panels, calling out for help, trouble alarm. Basic robot safety (protecting itself) would be my first priority. I guess I would aim for the most basic brain functions first

06 TinkersALot: Tongue In Cheek Sardonic Grin Smart Aleck anthropocentric thinking human intelligence
07 Humanoido: autonomic nervous system, react automatically, hot, cold, light, dark, hunger, full, touch, smell, noise, tilt, terrain, wind, hurt
08 Sylvie369: NYT article link
09 Humanoido: the brain can be bigger, faster and use more sophisticated AI
10 Humanoido: Single skill evolution can become evolved, EXPO robots
11 Lardom: Robot charging station
12 Humanoido: Determine right from wrong, prioritize
13 Humanoido: Personality mode
14 Erco: A sense of duty
15 P!-Ro: It can vote
16 Humanoido: interpret the law, a philosophical center
17 Humanoido: fuzzy logic, less rigid, average, approximate, result inconclusive, gray water, interpret vision, sets of general algorithms apply across the board
18 Humanoido: snap decisions and judgements when there is limited or no time to think
19 Humanoido: emotional center, interest heightened or lack, robust behaviors = interesting activities
20 Humanoido: Transfer information, cog to cog wiring, special brain lobe

Page 2 

21 Humanoido: Thinking faster than original prop specs, internal pure thought should be the fastest
#22 Humanoido: algorithms to transport/understand information/thought, machine approximation
#24 Humanoido: smaller brain, model after the bigger brain, fit hobby budget/resources, go above and beyond the basics, basics include vision, obstacle avoidance, beeping,
moving in some patterns, determining location/orientation, sumo, maze solving, wandering, not falling off ledge, ranging, mapping, accepting input from sensors, recharge batteries, beyond basics include thinking, reasoning, ability to resolve problems, accept new challenges
#25 Humanoido: Multi-Brain Concept a duplicate brain, help Alzheimer's, double brain power
#26 Humanoido: (brain in a brain) 2nd brain housed inside the 1st. Though I expect the ability to connect and disconnect brains on the outside would be a useful feature in times of service, debugging or expanding with more brains. Maybe if brains are made inexpensively, they could be discarded and recycled. With multiple brains come  dedicated brains. Brains could be located anywhere inside the robot. How about off-the- shelf brains. Companies could compete to see who can make the best brain.
#27 Humanoido: a big brain can be filled with interconnected hybrid processors
#28 Humanoido: A Brain Chart, Brain Stem - route information via nerve center to mobility center
#29 Ratronic: where is the link to the brain chart?
#30 Humanoido: provided link
#31 Humanoido: 1st Hybrid Brain Processor working, 2 languages, 1st successful prototype brain stem
#32 Humanoido: Robotic Brain Stem (with photo)
#33 Humanoido: with photo, Adding the Brain Base to the Big Brain
#34 Humanoido: Robotic Brain Filler
#35 Whit: Please continue posting, very interesting. Don't let the lack of posting discourage you
#36 Humanoido: moved into the next phase which is the actual construction of the brain.
#37 Humanoido: A Working Robot Brain Blob! (with photo)
#38 Humanoido: The Next Brain Blob Addition
#39 Humanoido: Brain Blob Software (Blobber Code)
#40 Humanoido: Open Source

Page 3
#41 Humanoido: Proto Board Brain Surgery Technique to Reduce Power Consumption
#42 Humanoido: Soldering Brain Pins
#43 Jonlink0: action potentials that can be sent are excitatory, and each neuron only has an 8-cell (moore) neighborhood, "waves" of action potentials will grow chaotically from a disturbance in the medium. Some method of creating inhibitory action potentials  (perhaps utilizing extra cell states?), as well as input/output methods (easily done by changing certain cell states according to the states of the robot's sensors), may cause interesting behavior. Some sort of inhibitory action potentials are obviously necessary to prevent the automaton from becoming saturated with chaotic activity, which is what Brian's Brain will default to if given semi-random sensor input.
#44 Humanoido: more processors ideal for neural net neuron simulations
#45 Humanoido: software with self reasoning power. It doesn't need to be an Einstein but some intelligence greater than a bug would be appreciated. Memory needs to be added, as so far the sum total is reference eeprom at 20 x 32KRAM. Propeller can access PC and the PC has TeraBytes of operating storage, use a server to provide wireless data storage. Web access can provide a knowledge base to work with.
#46 Humanoido: Brain Guts Data Light Convert Power LED to a Data LED (Parallax Propeller Proto Board)
#47 Humanoido: Brain Definitions as Applied to the Brain Blob The list of Brain components…
#48 Humanoido: Jumper Leads
#49 Humanoido: Brain Span Construction
#50 Humanoido: Brain Blobatory Breadboard Retrofit
#51 Mike G: you do not need a big brain. You need a big network with many specialized processor nodes.
#52 Humanoido: Open Source Project
#53 Humanoido: acting upon information received from some giant server.
#54 Mike G: use one specialized processors for vision, one for hearing, one for voice recognition, and one for speech. Abstracting these tasks makes the whole much more extensible and it allows a device to contain only the nodes needed to fulfill a particular task. Plus it would be easier to place the specialized nodes anywhere on the device.
#55 Humanoido: Brain Blob Preliminary Specs
#56 Mike G: why use a full or half duplex bus over say an 8-bit or 16-bit parallel bus
#57 Humanoido: Brain Stem is using a BASIC Stamp which is capable of doing one thing at one time, full duplex would be meaningless. Half duplex is an ideal match because it's dedicated to motor mobility functions which happen relatively slowly anyway. The Propellers run at full duplex, which do the
upper thinking and higher brain data transfers at higher speeds, hence the hybrid terminology. The master can treat 21 EEPROMs across the slaves as one distributed EEPROM equal to the sum of the individual parts.

58 Humanoido: Processors tasked out to do specific jobs. Generally in the OBEX we see apps that run in specific cogs. Dedicating cogs/processors to these specific areas of the brain is entirely feasible. The human brain is tasked out in a similar fashion, i.e. a place for vision, motor functions, speech, memory, etc.
#59 Mike G: I can't wrap my mind around the logic it would take to coordinate such memory access
#60 Humanoido: The master can assign indexing to each prop board to define its location which gets stored into eeprom. Slaves and Master can access this global eeprom memory storage location to determine who's who and where they're located. These character maps are drawn out and stored in eeprom, then globally accessed. It's also simple to write a routine to pass variables and store them in specific eeproms.
Access is by asking the slave for the information. The IC2 connection is transparently local to any requests and of no global concern.

Page 4
#61 Mike G: I see code executing in a COG on every Prop that deals with bus arbitration and some kind of packet protocol. You'll need a way to process and organize the disparate EEPROM data.
#62 Ravenkallen: develop a weather forecasting module
#63 NikosG: Brain1: Survivability e.g. by returning to a recharging station, or keeping itself in light where it could receive recharging through solar panels or tracking the solar panels (at this point I can contribute) Brain2: Ability to move autonomous and avoid obstacles, and also to choose the best way (Maze problem) Brain4: Ability to take a variety of measurements (use any kind of sensors) (I agree with "Ravenkallen") Brain3: remote communication with it master (ability to send data and receive commands) Brain5: Ability to perform task using a robot arm Brain6: Ability to transform Itself (change shape or leave some mechanical parts in order to achieve something). Have you ever thought your robotic "big Brain" to have a mechanism that can add or remove the aproppriate card in a specific socket?
#64 Humanoido: brain ground based exploration, process telemetry from the probe or satellite
#65 Humanoido: Processing/organizing disparate EEPROMs assigned to master or sub master
#66 Humanoido: legs move, fix things, small hands to reach/grasp, control, perform tasks
#67 Humanoido: tasking interface that could serve as a standard connection point to the outside world
#68 Humanoido: link to USB cable powers Protoboards not over 500mA, for testing and development
#69 Software Overview
#70 Hardware Development
#71 Humanoido: staid algorithms, maze solving, faster, more efficient/sensors, sensors at each side, special sensor - high up telescoping mirror looks at maze top down, ascertain solution differently
#72 Humanoido: shape shifting brain, works with software/hardware, brain carries its own tools/parts,
removing one assembly and attaching another, assemblies store in a spare brain cavity
#73 Mike G: some kind of a bootstapper to "Self Load" code into the multiple Props? Maybe similar to the ZigBee bootloader blog/post?
#74 Humanoido: software currently uses BASIC Stamp commands beginning at the first level of the Brain Stem which filters upwards through the Brain Base and on through the Brain Span
#75 Humanoido: bus single wire, two wire, parallel interfaces, self loading, eeprom, crystal propagation, leave room for future development like the first model T car
#76 NikosG: personal projects with vision, maze, comments
#77 Humanoido: personal projects comments
#78 More about the LED Mod (with photos)
#79 Test Software code used to test the LED modification on the Parallax Propeller Proto Board
#80 Power Regulator Modification (with photo)

Page 5
#81 Humanoido: data light will be installed in as many boards as possible. testing will be a separate project.
#82 Humanoido: follow LED mod installs, decoupling capacitor installation, decoupling capacitor test?
#83 Brain Blob (Dangerous Growth Spurt?) (with photos)
#84 Brain Blob Mods Complete (with photos)
#85 Test Software - Brain Blob Test (with code) BRAIN BLOB
#86 Decoupling Capacitor
#87 Testing Phase
#88 Troubleshooting Phase
#89 MikeG: sorry for the rant
#90 Humanoido: these hobby machines are designed to satisfy my purposes
#91 Troubleshooting Results All boards are Operational
#92 Revised Test Software BRAIN BLOB
#92 Johlink0: my robot cellular neural network similar to Brian's brain, genetic algorithm to allow learning
#94 Humanoido: The sharing of these ideas will undoubtedly lead to something remarkable.
#95 Software Test 2 brainblobtest2led.spin
#96 Boards on Boards This is the board attachment phase
#97 Power Testing
#98 Testing Conclusions
#99 Micro photo of 241 resistor
#100 Small breadboards are added to PPPBs (photo)

Page 6
#101 Building DIY Breadboards A DIY project for Brain boards (with photos of breadboards)
#102 Testing setup for LEDs using breadboards (photo)
#103 Getting ready to add more breadboards to these PPPBs (photo)
#104 the last PPPB gets a solderless breadboard (photo)
#105 Humanoido: simple examples of learning algorithms, 1 Propeller, apply to multiple processors
#106 Jonlink0: Propeller Life object modify cell-changing algorithm from line 362 onwards
#107 Humanoido: The brain should be able to solve problems in which man never even thought about.
#108 Brain Blob BUS The foundation of the Hybrid BBB (with photos)
#109 Green Brain Blob & Green Guts Approach to recycling hardware and software (with photos)
#110 Brain Cog Power Draw Managing current within a Brain Blob (with illustration)
#111 Brain Work Sheet
#112 All About Brain Serial Interfacing Deciding nature of various connecting interfaces (hookup diagrams)
#113 Resistor Selection Propeller Protection & Pull Down Considerations
#114 Regulator (with hookup diagram)
#115 Barrel Power Connector Basic connections (with PPPB power section illustration)
#116 LED and Surrounding Territory Pictorial Map of LED on PPPB (with illustration)
#117 LED Schematic Sketch for modifying the LED (with illustration)
#118 Connector Pictorial Identifying the Propeller pins on the added connector (with illustration)
#119 PPPB Sketchings & Schematics Useful data notes for hookup (with illustration)
#120 Another Mod to the LED Secondary mod brings power consumption within reason

Page 7
#121 LED Second Mod To bring LED power draw into proper range (with schematic)
#122 LED Resister Determination for 2nd Mod
#123 Introducing Brain Replicants Modular Brain Pieces for Assembly
#124 Humanoido: self repair/maintenance, degradation, dedicated sections, growing memory capacity, electrical signals, upgrading/evolution, combining components, role in society, function/ purpose
#125 Humanoido: a ten year project of reverse engineering the human brain according to this source
#126 Human Brain Map References
#127 post reserved for books on building brains
#128 Pinout of First Connector
#129 Proposed Brain Concepts the current (in flux) brain concept
#130 Important Brain Concepts
#131 Reset Install Examination of method to install reset circuit (with photo)
#132 Basic PPPB with LED Mod Yellow lead from LED resistor to Propeller pin (with photo)
#133 Brain Span Constructed (with photo)
#134 Brain Span Working LEDs indicate functioning (with photo)
#135 Brain Span Troubleshooter Repairs made the next day
#136 Brain Span Animation Showing cycles of two LEDs per board (with animated photo)
#137 Increasing Brain Span Power Reliability Discovering settings to increase reliability
#138 Jumper Data Simplified wiring with jumpers (with photo)
#138 Brain Span Boards Clean Room Kept in dust-free containers (with photo)
#140 Brain Span Test Spin Simple software test for Brain Span brainblobtest3led.spin

Page 8
#141 Brain Span Serial Communications Bspan_send.spin, Bspan_receive.spin (with screen capture)
#142 New Brain Exoskeleton Structure A different kind of Skyscraper (with photo)
#143 Software with BS2 Functions For use with the Brain Blob
#144 Brain Board Configuration Try Out Formulating a final form (with photo)
#145 Nylon Spacers and Hardware Keeping minimal weight
#146 Brain Blob Resistors Revisited Establishing resistor values (with diagram)
#147 Open Season on Serial Objects Serial communications sources abound
#148 Brain Blogging-Brain-Project
#149 Brain Exoskeleton Redesigned New design improvements
#150 Online LCD Eavesdropping on the Brain's thinking (with photos of LCDs)
#151 Another Question - a Keyboard on your Brain what functions would you assign to each key?
#152 The 1st Propeller Desktop Brain Horizontal Computational Brain Machine (photo)
#153 Whit: Your documentation of this is amazing. I always learn something reading this thread.
#154 Humanoido: hope you can build a brain
#155 Brain Blob and BASIC Stamp Supercomputer Software Similarities are striking
#156 Utilizing Liquid Crystals - the LCD
#157 The Dream World Four types of brain dreaming
#158 Multi-purposed Software
#159 Case of the Missing Software
#160 The EXO: Exoskeleton Physical Form Factor Design Creating a new exo design

Page 9
#161 Connecting EXO Boards Avoiding short circuits (with photo)
#162 Solderless Breadboard Results Favorable results offer permanent solutions
#163 Solderless Breadboard Positioning The critical position is established (with photos)
#164 Dialectric Insulating Strips Design These prevent short circuits (with photo)
#165 Solderless Breadboard Inverted Testing Making sure the breadboards do not disengage
#166 Standard Brain Topology
#167 Time Table New time schedule in effect
#168 Invention of Brain Wrap When parts of your brain stick out (with photos)
#169 Design with Fewer Parts New design is more efficient (with photo)
#170 Optical Illusion One side appears space larger than the other (with photo)
#171 Round Robin Rings Schematic Brain Blob Basic New Design Connections (diagram)
#172 EXO Board Rows Showing the assembly of one EXO side (with photo)
#173 Brain Span Assembly challenge
#174 Right Angle Hardware Selection Angle iron connects Brain Spans together
#175 Balance Focal Point How to balance three brain spans
#176 Brain Span Analysis In terms of weight and wire length (with diagrams)
#177 Brain Span Configuration Making the decision to position weight and wiring (with diagram)
#178 Powering up 5-volt sensors in the Brain
#179 Brain Hybrid Form Factor Establishing a dual form factor brain
#180 Brain Photos Showing Hybrid Exo Configs Days experimenting - various EXO configurations

Page 10
#181 Pyramid Brain - Just for Fun (with photo)
#182 Brain Span Assembly Adjusting the hardware (with photo)
#183 Longer Bolts Create Stubs for Extra Attachments
#184 Getting ready to Program the Brain The 1st version Brain assembly comes into the light (phto)
#185 Brain Slots & Exo Expansion
#186 Brain Secondary Phase Expansion
#187 Injecting & Measuring Power Connector pin header (photo)
#188 Standoff Spacers as Brain Protection Devices spacers protect Brain in desktop modes (photo)
#189 Humanoido: connect human brains, solve brain disease, restore sight, extend human knowledge
#190 Angle Iron for Attaching Host Boards Keeping expansion in mind (photos)
#191 Contemplating Brain Spin-offs Mobility Brain, self modifying hardware, morphing
#192 Self Rewiring Brain A Brain could rewire itself
#193 Brain Card Racks Going with a simple conventional approach (photo)
#194 Brain Boombox Size comparison (photo)
#195 Host Boards Increasing brain capacity (photo)
#196 Brain Span Positioning Important positioning improves interface (photo)
#197 Brain Protection Use of spacers serve multiple purposes (photo)
#198 Brain Dashboard - Vertice Set Utilize vertice for convenient positioning (photo)
#199 Brain Blob Wiring Assembly line wiring of multiple Propeller boards (photo)
#200 Brain Color Coded Wiring Use of color simplifies Brain identifications

Page 11 

201 Brain Wiring Jumpers Establishing wire jumper details
202 Brain Twin Expansion Using twin Props to expand the Brain (photo)
203 The Fourth Brain Span Benefit results from creating vertices
204 Brain New Wiring Concept Sketch brings new ideas for Brain functions
205 Brain Software Nanites Programmable concept introduces small Brain effectors
206 Brain Swarms Swarming inside Brains leads to Intelligence
207 Brain Weigh In How heavy or light is the brain? (photo)
208 Brains Top Mounting Hardware Brain can host boards at top or sides (photo)
209 Brain Board Hosting Example shows hosting Brain boards (photo)
210 Phil Pilgrim: issues
211 Humanoido: addressing Phil
212 Brain Thread and Posts Structure
213 Brain Structural Support Open side receives structural supports (photo)
214 Brain Feet Increase stability and protection with feet (photo)
215 Brain Assembly Line Reference Board Increasing the speed and ease of assembly
216 Brain Class Now you can attend class to learn more about machine learning
217 Brain Projects Reports on other Brain projects are welcomed
218 Brain Vertice Defined Showing how to use Vertices (photo)
219 Brain Reference Board for Assembly Line Use a reference for faster assembly (photo)
220 Brain Spin Code, Reduce LED Current, small program reduces power consumed by Brain data lights LED_reduction.spin

Page 12 

221 Brain Photo Size Increased photos may appear larger
222 Brain Logical Addressing Idea for identifying locations (diagram)
223 Brain Data Light Measurements Setup (micro photo, schematic, photos)
224 Brain Neighborhood Identification Labels DIY your own Brain Labels (photo)
225 Power Connectors and Power Test (photos)
226 Duane Degn: robot navigation, laser scan surrounding, multiProps/cogs analyze, create 3D map, re mobile, switching voltage regulator- they are much more efficient than linear regulators
227 Humanoido: addressing the wire wrap issue
228 Brain Address and Identification printed labels for PPPBs (photo)
229 Humanoido: switching LED power is vastly different
230 Duane Degn: current & voltage analysis
231 Power Reduction
232 Brain Reinforcement Repairing the bent Vertice (photo)
233 Brain Handles Adjoining spacers double in purpose (photo)
234 Brain 1st LCD Selected for Output Parallax 4x20 serial LCD (photo)
235 Brain 4x20 LCD Connection Hardware connects the largest LCD (2 photos)
236 Brain LCD Spacing not to bump the platform surface during the Brain flipping process (photo)
237 Brain Large LCD Mod Reversal of hardware facilitates Brain mounting (2 photos)
238 Brain Nylon Board Connects Connects from board to board use nylon hardware (photo)
239 Brain Board Insulator and Changes Protecting circuit pathways from short circuits (photo)
240 Introducing the Flip Brain The flip brain concept for use in any Brain position (5 photos)

Page 13 

241 Two Brain LCDs Intro of 2nd LCD serves multiple purposes (2 photos)
242 Center Brain Span Reinforcement Center Span flex requires strengthening (2 photos)
243 Peripheral Adapter Module A platform to hold and attach additional Brain peripherals
244 Brain Construction - Transparent Plastic Common resource material for construction (photo)
245 Brain LCD Prepping Small preparation before use (2 photos)
246 List – projects & products with tiny solderless breadboard
247 Brain Bagging Bag it - Brain bag your boards for longevity (photo)
248 Brain Plumbing & Cryogenics Brain installation of piping and routing of service tubes (photo)
249 Search for Brain Cryogenic Temperature Sensor (6 photos)
250 Cryogenic Brain Fuels Examination of coolants and effects
251 Brain Bundle Nerve Distribution (photo)
252 Brain Hybrid Wiring Establishing a Truth Table for Communications Interfacing (diagram)
253 Getting Started Brain Phases Checklist 1st Checklist for assembly showing Brain Phases
254 Brain Schematic Drawing Program Finding a new drawing … (6 photos)
255 Brain Drawing Program Selection The current choice of programs being explored (2 photos)
256 Brain Cryo Development Brain Cryo material & removal (photo)
257 Brain Breather 1 Weekend Brain development Update
258 Brain Top Mount Real Estate Brain real estate at a premium (photo)
259 Brain Open Span Board Move Moving a brain board on the open span side (2 photos)
260 Brain Peripheral Adapter Mount Connecting the mounts (photo)

Page 14 

261 Brain LCD Repositioning Improvements to mounting the larger LCD (3 photos)
262 How to Build a Brain LCD Mount Photos show left and right mount details (3 photos)
263 Brain Summit Construction of the Brain Summit (3 photos)
264 Brain 1st Cockpit Outline Cockpit Instrumentation Control Panel Design Ideas
265 Brain Small LCD Repositioning Increasing Brain board density (2 photos)
266 Brain Increase in Board Density
267 Brain Outer Skin Cowling Outer Skin is introduced (photo)
268 Current Brain Configuration
269 Brain Summit Board The peak gets a new board! (photo)
270 Brain Business End Definition of Brain Business End position (photo)
271 Connecting the Brain Summit Board Hot melt glue is one possibility
272 Brain Space Telemetry Designs for Telemetry of Brain Cockpit
273 Duane Degn: project concepts, display, data, boards, communications, loss of spring constant
274 Humanoido: photo size
275 Humanoido: response to Duane
276 The Brain CEO Board Expanding and positioning (photo)
277 Duane Degn: photo size
278 Duane Degn: photo beautiful
279 Humanoido: enlargement in FireFox
280 Brain Tests - TinyCAD Drawing Program Analysis TinyCAD as Brain drawing program

Page 15
281 Brain Design - Diagram Designer Designs.. Diagram Designer selection & analysis (2 photos)
282 Brain Schematic Elements List of Brain circuit schematic symbols required
283 Schematic Symbols Defined There is no standard so this is a suggested guide (2 photos)
284 Brain Breadboard Virtual Prototyping with Pebble Draw Brain circuits.. (photo)  

285 Attaching the Brain Summit Board Hot glue anchors the Summit Board (2 photos)
286 Brain Board Numerical Increase New board total and arrangement
287 Brain Breadboard Virtual Prototyping with Fritzing for BASIC Stamp/Propeller Chips!
288 Drawing Program Threads For Brain diagram drawing program research
289 Brain's Tiny Breadboard information about the Brain Tiny Breadboard (3 photos)

290 Brain Name Exploring the evolution of the Brain name
291 Brain I/O Ports as Sensors Ideas for I/O - touch sensing and nerve response

292 Brain Search Index Part One Brain thread Index by page, post number, content (photo)
293 Brain Posting Additions Method adds information to previous posts
294 Brain Processor Online/Offline Technique Method alters electronic Brain processors

295 Delegating Brain Components Brain components can reside in 3 places
296 Brain Peripheral Adapter Module Suspended New method speeds up development

297 Brain TV is a Reality Connecting TV via the internal stomach (2 entire brain photos)
298 Electronics & Electrical Tutorials as Brain Resources
299 New Brain Resource Cognition Cognition newsletter directly relates to Brain project (photo)
300 Brain AI News - Supercomputer Plays Jeopardy Machine playing against humans (photo)

Page 16
301 Propeller Brain Self Education Tutorials for Propeller Programming

302 Brain Searchable Photo Index Nearing completion
303 Brain Speech Recognition Talk to the Brain in your own language
304 New Fast Online Brain Search Index Faster searching without the PDF File
305 Creating Brain Speech - Parallax Propeller Takes the Lead as Speech Synthesizer Chip
306 Brain Senses - Focus on Vision Part 1 Color, Light Intensity, Ultrasonics (6 photos 1 vid)
307 Brain Senses - Focus on Vision Part 2 Image CAM, Object Detection, Infrared (5 photos)
308 Brain Senses - Focus on Vision Part 3 Human Detection (1 photo 1 vid)

309 Brain Capacity Question
310 Brain Capacity Reply
311 NMR Brain Map Neural Map & Interactive Brain Basics
312 \Watson - Artificial Intelligence Brain Wins Jeopardy over humans (1 photo)

313 Brain Top Down Organization Organizing Brain modules
314 Brain Outer Skin Protection for wiring (1 photo)

315 Brain Inner Skin Covers TV (1 photo)
316 Installing Brain TV Simple methods to install tv (2 photos)
317 Celebrating The Brain's First Light Unveiling the Brain's 1st functions on TV (2 photos)
318 Brain Project Status Report on the current Brain Project (1 photo)

319 Play Chess Against the Brain Sources for Prop Chess (2 photos)
320 Brain Fresnel Tests Enlarging the image of a Parallax 3.5-inch TV (3 photos)

Page 17
321 Brain Color BASIC Programming Language - Adding Extended Color BASIC 1.0 322 Brain Text Test Demo
323 Brain Wireless Communications System - Connecting peripheral robots via wireless interface
324 Brain Receives Board 23 - Parallax board serves wireless transmit/receive
325 Spectacular Giant Brain Fly-Through! - Travel through the Brain's Inner space..
326 Brain Project Selects Google 3D SketchUp - Apps developed with free open source 3D package
327 Brain Senses - the Electric Tongue - Focus on Taste
328 Brain On EmbeddedBASIC - Adding languages to the Brain

329 Brain Voice Amplifier - Audio amp supplements headphones
330 Brain Sub-Index - Page 17 - Faster sub index gets pasted into the master index

331 Singing Brain - Brain singing on video with audio track
332 Opening Up Brain Channels - Brain is capable of multi channels
333 Brain Achieves Cellular Automatronic Life - Propeller Program gives life to the Brain

334 Brain Cellular Automaton Life Options - Screen, algorithm, resolution, cell, evolution
335 Brain Offsetting Technique - Maintaining multi-processing purity
336 Brain Talking Keyboard - Input by hearing the keys

337 Brain Lips - Vocalization sound series
338 Brain Automaton Singing - Beginning of Automatonic Brain Song

339 Teaching the Brain to Count - Regular, Slow & Slow-Fast Counting
340 Sovr: amazing project, working on moods

Page 18
341 Brain Mood 1st Considerations - Psychological state of mind
342 iBrain On LOGO for Unfolding Dream Worlds - Dimensionally Dream with LOGO

343 Brain X-RAY Machine - Developing Brain X-Rays now a Reality
344 Brain TV Tuning for BIG Characters - How to tune a TV driver

345 Brain Thought - Program bouncing in multi cog systems
346 Machine/Human Brain Time Travel - Speed up and slow down brain time

347 Mike G requesting code
348 Humanoido asking if MikeG wants to spend time on it

349 Mike G apologizes
350 Cde use a simulation

351 Humanoid re: code
352 Humanoido re: simulation
353 Brain Base Communications - Design, code, schematics, tests

354 Brain Geneology - From Stamps to Propellers
355 Brain Stem Communications - Revealing Brain Stem test code

356 Brain Appendage Mobility Contemplation
357 Cde simulator, floating point
358 Deriving the Brain Dream Equation - Moving closer to real Propeller dreaming

359 Integer Brain
360 humanoid re: integer, logo

Page 19
361 Cde re: data processing, fixed or float

362 Humanoido re: AI wish list
363 Cde re: need evolutionary software
364 Humanoido re: Six Objectives of Machine Intelligence

365 Prof_Braino re: float is less precise
366 Humanoido re: float etc.,supporting links

367 Six Objectives of Machine Intelligence
368 Prof_Braino re: dreaming is information digestion

369 Prof_Braino re: fixed point calculations
370 Humanoido re: dreaming benefits

371 Humanoido re: collective FP errors
372 The Benefits of Dreaming - The commonality of advanced life forms

373 Six Points of Dreaming - Paving the way towards AI dreaming
374 The Dream of AI
375 Multiple Life Permeation - Fitting life in multiple cogs
376 Brain Monolith Discovery Emergence - The Matrix Monolith emerges from within

377 Brain Dreaming from 2D to 3D - New ELICA LOGO opens up a new realm
378 Propeller Brain Neural Design Moves Forward - The building of neurons

379 doggiedoc (Paul) re: neuroanatomy
380 Humanoido re: cautionary AI (story)

Page 20
381 doggiedoc re: recognition
382 Brain Artificial Intelligence through Gaming - Tic Tac Toe Neural Net

383 Phil re: link showing what 21,000 neurons can accomplish
384 Humanoido re: neurons needed/not needed

385 Martin_H re: california sea slug
386 Phil re: sea slug joke
387 Brain Research - Sea Slugs Computer Modeling
388 Brain Ear 1st Experiments - Mic sound input for analysis

389 Brain Life - Utilize BrainBox Neural Net to Establish Life
390 Brain Progress Report March 2010
391 Brain Dreaming Suggestions - Information Digestion
392 The Problem with Life - Creating expansive Brain life in a non-adiabatic system

393 Ttailspin re: superstitious brain
394 Humanoido re:superstitious brain
395 Brain Superstition in a Neural Starved Life Form - What are the odds with finite Propellers?
396 Brain Breakthrough - a Multi-Propeller Neural Injector (MNI) - Case of the evolving hybrid
397 Brain Matter Injector BMI - Machine injects & distributes neural matter

398 prof_braino re: alarming parts failures
399 Humanoido - Breadboard quality
400 Brain Neural Fire - Artificial Intelligence Expert System Construct to Mimic Neural Fire using Software

Page 21
401 Brain Self Consciousness - I think therefore I am

402 Brain Turing Test - Fact or Folly?
403 Phil re: cheap parlor trick
404 vaclav_sal re: project suggestions

405 Humanoido re: The AI of ELIZA
406 Phil re: against ELIZA as AI
407 Duane Degn re: book comments, John McCarthy

408 DoggieDoc re: Jeopardy question
409 Mike G re: difficulty of AI, Penrose's "The Emperor's New Mind"

410 Humaoido re: Jeopardy status
411 The Jeopardy Factor
412 The Genius of AI - ELIZA Conversationalist
413 Mike G re: specific tasks quickly with high precision is not AI

415 AI Conversationalist
416 Duane Degn re: AI
417 Humanoido re: AI sources
418 Big Brain Begat Bantam Brain - Offspring Lineage continues

419 Mike G re questions
420 Brain Transfer & Life Extension - Today's technological levels

Page 22
421 Clever Programming
422 Paul re: washing machines
423 Duane Degn re: humans vs machines
424 Mike G re: a little randomness seems intelligent

425 Mike G re: personal opinion AI and Strong AI
426 Duane Degn re: McCarthy's book
427 Phil re: clever programming is not enough

428 Can a Machine Go Beyond Its Programming?
429 Humanoido re: which book?
430 Mike G re: personal opinion

431 Phil re: personal opinion
432 Humanoido re: posted code, NDA, open source

433 Humanoido re: query
434 Phil re: interrogatives
435 Humanoido re: AI programming details

436 Brain Evolution Programming
437 Humanoido re: washing machine humor
438 Leon re: Penrose subscribes to Hameroff's theory- the brain is a quantum computing system
439 Prof_Braino re: defining the nature of AI

440 Mike G re: AI is what you see in the movies

Page 23
441 Prof_Braino re: What you see in the movies is a cheap McGuffin

442 Mike G re: personal opinion
443 Prof_Braino re: the AI project, Brain etc.
444 A Great Voyage - The uncharted space of brain technology

445 Brain Historical Foundations - Part 1
446 Current Brain States - Small, medium and big

447 Brain Historical Foundations - Part 2
448 Brain Historical Foundations - Part 3

449 Brain Historical Foundations - Part 4
450 SEED to Brain Comparison
451 Twin Brain - 2nd brain twins the first

452 Establishing Neural Brain Power
453 NMI's as Discrete Brains - Neural Matter Injectors are multi-purposed

454 The Establishment of Machine Life
455 Mike G re: There's a lot that goes into opening a door

456 Humanoido re: additions to opening a door
457 Duane Degn re: teaching a robot

458 Brain Neo Cortical Columns
459 Phil re: personal opinion
460 Humanoido re: fractal sources

Page 24
461 Phil re: blocked sites
462 Humanoido re: point is reinforced

463 Phil re: quoting souces
464 Erco re: move on
465 Humanoido: divert resources to better use
466 The new 208 Brain - Another robot Brain is born
467 Brain Matter Folding - Can you fold an electric brain?

468 Phil re: personal opinion
469 Humanoido re: this is an open source hobby (personal use & enjoyment) development
470 Phil re: personal opinion
471 The New Brain 216 - Third Brain Now Under Development

472 Phil re: personal opinion
473 Martin_H re: why do this in hardware?

474 Hardware Software Hybrid
475 Brain Control Panel - Progressing conceptual development
476 New Brain Breadboard Design - Maximize breadboard space used

477 Mike G re: questions
478 More on the Smartest Boe-Bot Project

479 Humanoido re: answers
480 Mike G re: questions

Page 25
481 Humanoido re: answers

482 More on Brain Channeling
483 Humanoido re: answers
484 More about the Neural Matter Injector

485 humanoido re: answers
486 Brain Demo Day - Scientists in China get a glimpse

487 Mike G re: questions
488 Ttailspin re: answers
489 Humanoido re: US40 and Boe-Bot

490 Humanoido re: Brain Channeling
491 Humanoido re: interfacing info
492 Humanoido re: question
493 Mike G re: questions

494 Humanoido re: response
495 Brain Channeling Sources
496 Intro to Interfacing Reconfiguration

497 Humanoido reply to Mike G
498 Humanoido reply to Mike G

499 Humanoido reply to Mike G
500 Prof_Braino comments

Page 26
501 Phil comments
502 Concatenating Brains - Unexpected Brain surplus creates a mammoth Brain!

503 Brain Machine Biology - A symbiotic union of technologies
504 Brain Breaks 100 Processor Chip Barrier! Setting new record, largest Propeller chip
505 Brain Propeller Chip Reliability - Parallax Achieves 100% Reliability

506 The Next Generation Brain NGB - A quantum leap of processors
507 A More Manageable Method of Brain Connection
508 Brain Containment - Recycling Appliance Machines
509 Brain LED Array Redesign - New circuit helps offload Propellers

510 Experimenting with the Brain Modular Array
511 Brain Hosting at Max
512 Brain Ultra-Low Power Circuits
513 Brain Multiple Crystal Switching - Simple method for switching test crystals

514 Phil comments
515 Duane Degn comments

516 Humanoido comments
517 Phil comments

518 Mike G comments
519 Brain Crystal Options

520 Mike G comments

Page 27
521 Brain BUS Workings

522 Brain High End Crystal
523 Machine Learning with Lerner - Dave Hein fills a small brain!

524 Mike G comment
525 Humanoido comments
526 Brain Neural Matter Quanta NMQ Defined
527 Brain Neural Matter Quanta NMQ Phase Begins

528 Brain Neuron Output
529 Brain Neuron Quanta Density
530 Concatenation of Propeller NMIs Begins

531 Brain Neuronal Matter Defined
532 Construction of the 1st Brain Machine Neural Device - Making the first neuron

533 The How & Why of Cloning Neurons - Neurons are now being Cloned
534 Ramifications of a Cloned System

535 The many Faces of a Neuron
536 Embedding Machine DNA into the Machine Neuron

537 The Distribution of Neurons in a Machine Brain 
538 The Creation of a Synaptic Net in the Brain
539 Machine Brain Synapse Comes Online
540 Second Man-made High Density Board HDB Under Construction

Page 28
541 Big Breakthrough in Machine Brain Technology! - 100,000 Neurons into 1st 100 Propellers
542 Brain Neural Partitioning

543 Neural Net Wiring
544 Neural Injection Design
545 Increasing Neural Net Partitioning
546 Brain Breakthrough! 100,000 Neurons Exceeded - Moving the Giant Brain to the next generation
547 Ttailspin congratulations!
548 Leon questions
549 Humanoido comments

550 Brain Machine Objectives
551 The First Brain Neural Net
552 Phil comment
553 Brain Support Computer is Down

554 Dedicated Brain Support Computer 555 Brain Signal Divide Points
556 DBSC Dedicated Brain Support Computer Selection

557 Brain Signal Divide Point Conditioning
558 Ubrupt Unfortunate Brain Project Termination
559 Martin H use forum & gmail for uploading copies, backups 560 Leon about digital vault backup

Page 29
561 Ttailspin comments

562 Mike G comments
563 Phil uses Knoppix CD
564 Brain Posting & Virus Update

565 Brain Files & Drive Update
566 Phil comments
567 Humanoido comments
568 Functioning of a Complex Machine

569 Phil Knoppix comment
570 Humanoido comment
571 Phil comment
572 Brain Situation
573 Alsowolfman source from scalpel linux to help recover files

574 Brain Computer & Hard Drive Updates
575 Ttailspin comments
576 Humanoido comments
577 Brain Hard Drive Attempted Restoration Update

578 Brain Drive Schedule
579 New Brain Drive Selection

580 The Problem with Backup

Page 30
581 Microsoft Windows is Now Ditched
582 Brain Oriented LINUX & UNIX Training Begins 

583 IBM LENOVO ThinkPad Computers Now Trashed
584 Brain's New Computer Selection Nears Finalization

585 Brain is Hermetically Sealed
586 Brain EEPROMs Retain Code

587 Phil comments
588 Martin H humor

589 Humanoido humor
590 Brain Update 04.19.11
591 Brain OS Choices - Examining numerous OS choices

592 Brain Repurposing
593 Developing a New Brain Layering - NB Possible Cancellation

594 Brain Update 04.20.11
595 Brain Layering Computer Design Increase
596 Brain Computer Multipurposing

597 Brain Photos Batch Retrieval
598 "Brain is Back" Campaign
599 New Brain Lab Foundation Announced

600 Working on Brain Wiring

Page 31
601 Ttailspin comments

602 Phil bypass capacitors
603 Brain Posting
604 Big Brain Moving to America

605 Wire Leads Project
606 Mike G questons
607 Humanoido comments
608 Brain HD Update 04.21.11

609 Mike G comments
610 Brains Are Us
611 Brains at the Store - Trip to store has shocking results

612 Brain Computer Could Stall Project
613 PROLOG Added to Brain
614 Building a High Density Brain Breadboard - the solderless kind...

615 Brain New Netbook Stats
616 Ttailspin comments

617 Mike G comments
618 Humanoido comments
619 One Massive Brain Collection - Adding Up Props

620 Mike G comments

Page 32
621 Humanoido comments

622 Mike G comments
623 Brain Drive & Computer Update 04.23.11

624 Phil comments
625 Brain Index Awareness Day
626 Brain Drive & Computer Update 04.23.11b

627 Dave Hein comments
628 Phil comments
629 Humanoido comments
630 Humanoido comments brain index

631 Phil comments
632 Humanoido comments
633 Phil how to link a post number

634 Dave Hein comments
635 Publison comments
636 Humanoido comment post link update

637 Humanoid iphone posting, blog, robotics
638 Humanoido comment
639 Brain Drive & Computer Update 04.25.11
640 Brain Drive & Computer Update 04.26.11 - The Brain's Lost Files

Page 33
641 Remote Brain Posting - Carry your posting "computer" in your shirt pocket

642 Online Brain Index Updated to Page 33
643 Brain Add On Computers - Are they useful?
644 Phil comments Lenovo, T32, WinXP, Mandrake Linux

645 Humanoid commentspc without CDs
646 Stats on the Restored Hard Drive - the Brain Wins! Almost nothing is restored

647 Schematic Request Related to Brain Development
648 Phil comments how to retrieve attachments

649 Humanoido comments
650 Apple AMD Radeon HD 6750M Graphics Card

651 Brain Gets Apple Mac Computer
652 Stepping up the Big Brain

653 Brain Config in April
654 Brain Config in May
655 Brain Programming Languages Selection SPIN, OPENCL, PBASIC, PASM, XCODE

656 Brain Relegated to ProMac Symbiotic Union
657 New Ideas for Autonomous Brain Backup - Cloning from Backup

658 Robotic Brain Mobility & Robotics
659 Zoot comments trademarks

660 Brain Naming Conventions

Page 34
661 Big Brain Design Breakthroughs with PROPELLERS & MACS

662 Big Brain Gains Utilizing Hard Drives
663 Big Brain's Supplanted Memory

664 Brain Programming in XCode 4
665 *** Change in Brain Project Development ***

666 Phil comments less stream of consciousness
667 Duane Degn comments
668 Mike G comments you're working on the cutting edge

669 Brain Project Overview - Props and computers
670 Humanoido comment
671 Humanoido comment celebration

672 Phil comments incredulous
673 Dave Hein comments be patient Phil

674 Is Brain DNA Genome Possible?
675 Brain Life Power Challenges & Considerations

676 Big Brain Genome Maps Instead of Schematics
677 Parallax-Propeller-Equipped Brain Genetic Machine Genome Project

678 Big Brain Sex - Is the Big Brain Hermaphrodite, Male or Female?
679 Humanoido comments grasshopper
680 Big Brain Propeller Waves - Different clocks for different blocks

Page 35
681 Build a Big Brain Propeller Qualitative EEG Machine - Measure Big Brain's Brain Waves
682 Big Brain EEG Machine as a Diagnostic
683 Leon comments neuron example to solve xor problem

684 Big Brain State of the INIT-Neuron
685 Phil comments
686 Leon comments ANN, Hull University, MSc project, Dataglove, BAe, MAD, Brough

687 Humanoido comments
688 Mike G comments asking for neuron code
689 Leon comments Here is a neural net toolbox for Scilab

690 Humanoido comments not posting code
691 Links to Managed Neural Projects

692 Mike G comments
693 humanoid comments no posting of development or test code for the reasons cited

694 Dave Hein comments you have expressed a lot of good ideas
695 Humanoido comments Brain development or documenting partial Brain development
696 Jazzed Tetra Prop Spins Brain Life Ideas

697 Dave Hein comments on posting code
698 Duane Degn comments on his great projects!

699 Brain Methodology
700 Humanoid comments to Dave Hein

Page 36
701 Potential of Connecting the Degn Massive LED Array
702 Future Brains with Afflictions - The 1st Guide to Machine Intelligence Sickness

703 Duane Degn comments about LED Array
704 Machine Brain Neurons and Neural Matter - New Brain Dictionary Definitions 

705 Refinement Brain's Hybrid Interface - Successful Sharing Hybrid results in fewer wires
706 Brain Neural Complexity - Adding to the Brain Dictionary

707 Dictionary of Propeller Machine Brain Terms
708 Big Brain's Hyper Neural Threading HNT
709 Big Brain Domain Partition - Propeller DPs increase volume performance

710 Propeller Brain Change with Supporting Computers
711 Leon comments TFLOPS
712 What is the Giant Brain? Propeller or Other?

713 Leon comments simulate the ANN on the Mac
714 The Propeller ANN Mac
715 Propeller Brain Mac GPUs Selected
716 Many Faces of the Giant Propeller Brain
717 Moving Toward Ultra Brain with Props & Macs

718 Giant Brain TFLOPS
719 Leon comments 5,000 I/Os
720 Big Brain Backup Terabyte Drives

Page 37
721 Massive Propeller Brain Trinary State Output Device - a plane with quadrillions...

722 Brain Merging with the Massive Transposition Machine
723 Big Brain BOSS - Brain Operating Software System

724 Brain Doctor Meeting 05.14.11
725 AI Quotations
726 ElectricAye comments Kurzweil, Chinese Room

727 Humanoido comments Chinese Room
728 New Type of Propeller Simplex Neuron SN - Modified INTNeuron and Test Neurons? (with pseudo code)
729 Phil comments problem with early AI research, top down, bottom up

730 Reverse Engineering Evolution
731 Giant Machine Brain Eats Propellers
732 Little Parts - a Machine in the Machine - Isolate your brains

733 ElectricAye comments
734 Dave Hein comments modeling nerve cells
735 Phil comments cannot simulate intelligence without considering environmental factors
736 Leon comments consciousness
737 Phil comments unique possession of consciousness

738 Leon comments qualia
739 Time Stamping Human Evolution
740 Humanoid comments human consciousness and pure thought

Page 38
741 Mike G comments neurons, simple neural net

742 Defining Consciousness
743 ElectricAye comments
744 Exploring the Neural Net with the Simplex Neuron

745 Phil comments code
746 Programming to be Self Aware
747 Humanoido comments intention is to release BOSS when it reaches BETA

748 Controlling the Brain with Light
749 Mike G comments neurons

750 Simplex Neurons
751 Phil comments
752 Humanoido comments to Phil

753 Big Brain Self Rewiring
754 BST and Mac
755 Mike G comments neuron memory

756 Mike G comments neuron memory
757 Handling Neurons
759 Mike G comments neuron memorny

760 Phil comments source code

Page 39
761 Brain Map Revisions
762 Mike G comments on muffler wiring
763 Brain History & Challenges - Historical roots, humanoids, multi-processing machines

764 Humanoido comments car forum
765 Mike G comments
766 Determining Memory Usage

767 The Uphill Computer Journey
768 Mike G comments neuron memory
769 Humanoid comments neuron size matters

770 Mike G comments
771 Humanodo comments
772 Phil comments
773 Humanoido comments

774 Big Brain Index Update
775 Mike G neuron like spin code

776 Phil comments
777 Humanoido comments
778 Humanoido comments
779 The Big Brain Propeller Neural Map

780 TeraByte Propeller Brain Drives Arrive

Page 40
781 Big Brain Mirrors - No Glass
782 Big Brain Self Awareness - Making the Machine Big Brain Self Aware

783 Dave Hein comments on self aware
784 Doggidoc Paul comments on self aware

785 Self Awareness Early in Life
786 Humanoido comments to Dave Hein about Learner

787 Dave Hein comments about Lerner
788 Phil comment about Lerner
789 Humanoido comment about Lerner

790 Dave Hein comment about Lerner
791 humanoido comment about Lerner
792 Brain Child - More about the begotten brain child

793 Principle Parts of the Brain
794 Setting Standards of a Big Brain - First Intro of Functions

795 Zoot comments spelling
796 Humanoido comments spelling

797 Brain Gastropod Locomotion
798 Brain Mobility Through Snailing
799 Robots in a Brave New World Need a Brain

800 Brain Parts - the Next Level

Page 41
801 Big Brain in June
802 Baby Brain - Child Brain Leads to Baby Brain

803 Big Brain on the Multiple Props Projects List 804 ElectricAye
805 Brain Chip Independence Day - Neural Matter Independence and benefits

806 Humanoido
807 Automatic Brain Repair by Optical Illusion - Can a Machine Brain repair itself?

808 Big Brain to Increase Vision Processing Speed
809 Perceptions in Machine Vision - Arrow left or arrow right?

810 Ttailspin
811 Duane Degn
812 Doggidoc
813 Humanoido
814 Erco
815 Humanoido
816 Propeller Brain Subdomain Test Segmenting - Creating a subDomain

817 Big Brain Evil, Scary & Sarcastic Sides?
818 Big Brain Peripheral Enumeration - Six pin Enumeration

819 Brain Enumeration & subEnumeration
820 Intro to Propeller Big Brain Fluid

Page 42
821 Dave Hein, the illusion

822 Phil
823 Humanoido
824 Phil
825 Humanoido
826 Enumeration Schematic - 6 pin method with two lines

827 Dave Hein, using 4 pins tertiary
828 Trinary Enumeration - Using the float/limbo state

829 Brain Speed Doodle
830 Phil
831 Humanoido
832 Constructing a Transparent Plastic Brain Base - For Child & Baby Brains

833 Jazzed, another brain collage
834 Humanoido
835 Brain Travel Voltage Tip
836 The Magical Brain Partition - Big Brain will loan his chips to others

837 Big Brain Goes On the Multi-Prop List
838 ElectricAye
839 Jazzed, Turing test
840 Leon, take over the world

Page 43
841 Ttailspin
842 Jazzed, nothing wrong with art

843 Mike G, impressive work
844 Jazzed, turing test

845 Mike G
846 Jazzed
847 Phil
848 Jazzed
849 ElectricAye, Turing test

850 Jazzed
851 Mike G
852 Jazzed
853 Propeller Neural Net Conception

854 Ttailspin
855 Humanoido, machine deception not required

856 Jazzed
857 Phil
858 Humanoido
859 Jazzed
860 Ttailspin

Page 44
861 Jazzed, links
862 Publison
863 Robotic Big Brain

864 Humanoido, Lerner
865 Jazzed
866 Humanoido
867 Humanoido
868 Jazzed
869 Martin H, upload code as backup

870 Phil
871 ElectricAye
872 Jazzed
873 Phil
874 Leon
875 Martin H, neural net skepticism

876 Mike G
877 Ttailspin
878 ElectricAye
879 Kwinn
880 Phil

Page 45
881 Leon
882 TTailspin
883 ElectricAye
884 Jazzed
885 Phil
886 Ravenkallen
887 Mike G
888 Martin H
889 TTailspin
890 Erco
891 Kwinn, bus
892 Kwinn
893 Martin H
894 Mike G
895 Martin H, ram virtual memory

896 Jazzed, tree idea
897 Martin H, physical organization

898 Jazzed, ring tcp/ip layers
899 Mike G
900 Kwinn, tetraprop neural net

Page 46
901 Martin H, neural net ram

902 Leon
903 Phil
904 Erco
905 Duane Degn, continue

906 Jazzed, continue
907 Kwinn
908 The Journey of the Big Brain - Is it the journey or the destination?

909 Improving Neural Injector Data Line Signal Waveforms
910 Merging Technologies - Big Brain with AMD

911 Leon
912 AMD Sources
913 Heater
914 Looking at Speed Ideas

915 Humanoido
916 Dr. Mario, speed

917 Humanoido
918 Dr. Mario, in order out of order technique

918 Out of Order Processing
919 Dr. Mario, out of order, cogs, JITC

920 Dr. Mario

Page 47
921 Mike G
922 Humanoido, GPUs
923 Developing AMD for Parallax Propellers
924 AMD (to Parallax Propeller) Development Boards Source

925 AMD’s Software Kit Source
926 Mike G
927 Humanoido
928 Dr. Mario
929 More about AMD GPUs

930 Mike G
931 Dr. Mario
932 Humanoido
933 Humanoido
934 Dr. Mario
935 Mike G
936 Humanoido
937 Dr. Mario
938 Humanoido
939 Combo Program Era

940 Combo Wiring Era

Page 48
941 Dr. Mario
942 At Once Technology in Large Multi-Prop Machines

943 The Dawning of the Parallel Era
944 Big Brain as a Parallel Machine Is it a monster parallel machine?

945 Introduction of Parallel-Parallel ParP
946 Phil Pilgrim
947 Building a Larger Multiple Point ParP Machine

948 Phil Pilgrim
949 Leon
950 Duane Degn
951 Dr. Mario
952 Dr. Mario, AtOnce At Once discussion

953 Mike G
954 Leon
955 Dr. Mario
956 Mike G
957 Publison
958 Proof of Living Machines
959 Humanoido
960 Multiple Machine Brain Hemispheres

Page 49
961 ElectricAye
962 More on ParaP Parallel-Parallel
963 Dr. Mario
964 Dr. Mario
965 Phil Pilgrim
966 Dr. Mario
967 Phil Pilgrim
968 Parallel-Parallel Universe and the Quantum World
969 Brain Mapping with 3D Extrusion - Transcending Traditional Schematics

970 Mike G
971 Phil Pilgrim
972 2D vs 3D Drawing

973 Humanoido
974 Humanoido
975 Humanoido
976 Ttailspin
977 Mike G
978 Duane Degn
979 Google 3D SketchUp Platform Change

980 Humanoido, Mayan calendar

Page 50

981 Mike G
982 Ttailspin
983 Humanoido
984 ElectricAye
985 Big Brain 3D Mac Sketch Draw Model - 1st discovery wave for analysis

986 Humanoido
987 Arranging Solderless Breadboards

988 Leon
989 ElectricAye, brain convolution
990 Dr. Mario, solderless breadboard arrangement

991 Duane Degn, solderless breadboard
992 Dave Hein
993 Dr. Mario
994 Leon
995 Dr. Mario
996 Leon
997 Breadboards
998 Humanoido
999  Humanoido
1000 Humanoido

Page 51
1001 Breadboard, Aggregate, Partition, Propeller, Expansion, Containment, Var Design

1002 Breadboards 2
1003 Phil Pilgrim
1004 Big Brain's AMD Radeon HD
1005 Big Brain Book - Announcing the beginning of a New Big Brain Book
1006 Brain Interim Test Machine - BIT, Special test machine for Solo and Parallel performance
1007 Dave Hein
1008 Leon
1009 Martin H
1010 Dr. Mario
1011 Leon
1012 Erco
1013 Dr. Mario
1014 Propeller Big Brain' New Computer

1015 Dave Hein
1016 Leon
1017 Big Brain NMRI - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equivalency

1018 Big Brain Goes Robotic - Servo stumps and a mobility platform
1019 Bigger Big Brain Containment Rack - for Brain breadboards now completed

1020 Brain Control & the Robotic Hanger - Mini missions with Brain Copter?

Page 52
1021 Big Brain Living Environment - Air filter and conditioning

1022 ElectricAye
1023 Big Brain Expansion with AMD Radeon HD, High Speed Streaming GPUs

1024 Leon
1025 Earthquake Proofing the Big Brain

1026 Humanoido, quantum definition
1027 Brain Pre Schematic Appearance
1028 Big Brain Loading Computer
1029 ElectricAye
1030 Humanoido
1031 Humanoido
1032 ElectricAye
1033 Phil Pilgrim
1034 BIT Brain Developments - a six Propeller Brain Machine

1035 Jump Over Communications in a Machine Brain
1036 Machine Brain Que Messaging
1037 Merging Propeller Machines - Massive T1 Transposition Machine

1038 Big Brain Collective Assimilation Policy
1039 Mike G
1040 Big Brain June Update - New Mac Computer Setup

Page 53
1041 Big Brain Algorithm Stage

1042 Brain Index Update Addition
1043 MindNode Added to Big Brain - Mind mapping

1044 Guts CAM - Monitor Brain Guts
1045 Mechanical Brains of Yesteryear
1046 Imitation Brain - chemical biological to electrical electronic

1047 Machine Slavery
1048 Robot Brain Chemistry
1049 Brain Image Processing Collective - LinesmART to software collective

1050 Techniques of Brain Image Processing
1051 Propeller Nanite Technology - Introducing the Brain Machine Nanite

1052 Machine Brain Nanite - Timing Nanite made from Spin software
1053 Mike G
1054 Humanoido
1055 Mike G
1056 Humanoido
1057 Mike G
1058 Humanoido
1059 Mike G
1060 Numerical Matrix Analysis Datatrans - New Software Collective: Big Brain Analytical Device

Page 54
1061 3D Medical Imaging & Brain Coronal Slicing - Propeller Machine Big Brain and MRIcroGL
1062 Mike G
1063 Brain Anatomy - Discover the Little Brain - Discovering a second brain in humans and machines
1064 Mini Brain Tutorial - For reference in developing the Machine Brain

1065 Extending Power to Human Brains with Machine Brains
1066 Monthly Propeller Brain Survey
1067 Connecting Machine & Human Brains - Machine Brain sends data to human brain

1068 Connecting Machine & Human Brains - Human Brain sends data to Machine Brain
1069 Convert Your Human Brain Into an Avatar - Journey inside a Propeller Brain may be possible
1070 Updated Brain Index - Added pages 46 through 54

 1071 Big Brain Power Tower Containment
1072 Brain Cubed
1073 Big Brain Machine Left & Right Hemispheres

1074 Big Brain Netbook Review
1075 Propeller Brain in a Jar Project - Build A Pint Size Machine Brain

1076 Leon
1077 Humanoido
1078 Big Brain Wonder-Board - New BIg Brain Engineered Building Material

1079 Big Brain Servo Stump - Help decide the the Big Brain Robot Stumps!
1080 Brain Shape Shifting

Page 55
1081 The Amazing No Parts Propeller Machine - When Nothing Has Great Value

1082 Multiple PST Instances
1083 12Blocks with Multiple Props?

1084 Hanno
1085 Hanno
1086 Humanoido
1087 Big Brain Reduction Interface RI

1088 A Smaller 800-Cogger Machine
1089 Instructions on Using a Multi Array ParaP System

1090 Hanno
1091 Humanoido
1092 Duane Degn
1093 Hanno
1094 Humanoido
1095 12 Blocks & Propeller - Front End?

1096 Duane Degn
1097 Hanno
1098 SpotLite Index Propeller & AMD Introducing various SpotLite Indices

1099 Designing a Big Robotic Brain Stub
1100 Duane Degn, dynamixel servo

Page 56
1101 Erco
1102 Duane Degn
1103 Erco
1104 Humanoido
1105 LED Brain Application Chronicles - Part 1 What can it do?

1106 Humanoido
1107 To Simulate or Not To Simulate
1108 Can Your Machine Brain Pass the China Test?

1109 Keeping Tabs On Brain Projects
1110 The Ultimate AI Challenge - the Artificial Brain

1111 Parallel Schematic
1112 Schematic Portfolio
1113 List of Big Brain Schematics - Partial List of Back in Time Schematics

1114 Duane Degn
1115 Humanoido
1116 EEPROM Chip as a Pluggable Memory Device - Plug & Load

1117 Index Update Pages 54, 55, 56
1118 Brain Comparison to JP Morgan Supercomputer
1119 Big Brain EEPROM Schematic - Schematic Portfolio Series

1120 Big Brain Crystal Schematic - Schematic Portfolio Series

Page 57
1121 Big Brain Decoupling Capacitor Schematic - Schematic Portfolio Series

1122 Left Brain Right Brain & AtOnce
1123 Reduce Power Current Consumption - techniques coding the Propeller

1124 Brain Rounds - Where ideas are born
1125 Waveform Noise Filter WNF - Schematic Portfolio Series

1126 Waveform Noise Filter WNF Usage
1127 The Evolution of AtOnce AO Technology
Step by Step development - Understanding the Big Brain
1128 New Paradigm Propeller Big Brain Technology - Connecting brains Man & Machine

1129 Brain Machine Interface
1130 Humanoido
1131 Giant Helping Hydraulic Hand
1132 One/Many Propeller Programmer - Big Brain Applications

1133 Exponential Do-It-Or-Lose-It Development
Big Brain Development Speed Goes Exponential

1134 Tor, google in your head
1135 Big Brain Prop Plug Schematic - Schematic Portfolio Series

1136 Schematic Portfolio Series Development
1137 Leon
1138 Humanoido
1139 The Human to Machine Brain - The Next Generation

1140 ElectricAye

Page 58
1141 Leon, Brain simulation with 1 million ARM cores

1142 Clockless Propeller & Power Reduction
1143 Leon
1144 Mike G
1145 Duane Degn
1146 Impedance Matching
1147 Mike G
1148 Flux Capacitor
1149 Paradigm Beyond Parallel Machine - Propeller Moves Forward
1150 Big Brain Propeller EEPROM Schematic - Schematic Portfolio Series

1151 Big Brain SuperMicroController - Schematic Portfolio Series
1152 Propeller Big Brain Schematic Types - Wiring with Words and Beyond

1153 Big Brain Map History
1154 Throttling the Propeller Clock

1155 Developing an External Oscillator
1156 Brain in a Jar Expanded
1157 Front-Front Mounting - A New Way to Mount Propeller Chips

1158 List of Brain Predecessor Machine Series
Keeping & Maintaining Big Brain Genealogy Records

1159 The Beginning of Brain Milestones
1160 Big Brain Machine Genealogy Series - Update History

Page 59
1161 The BASIC Stump - Robotic Limb for the Big Brain
1162 Robotized EXO - Left Brain Going Robotic - meet Robo EXO!
1163 The BASIC Stump Construction - Side panel design for the Big Brain

1164 Big Brain - Propeller Brain Wave Transfer Machine
1165 1st Brain Wave Monitor - Listening to Propeller Chips
1166 QUAD Brain - Left, Right, Top and Bottom - New Design Implemented

1167 HD Breadboard Production
1168 open for post
1169 Robotic Brain Stem Lost Link
1170 Brain Wave Consideration - Beginning of Neuromachineology

1171 Big Brainwave Cap!
1172 Brain Wave Monitor Sees Big Brain Thoughts Add a Front End Oscilloscope to see Propeller thinking

1173 DIY Brain Wave Machine - Spotlite Index
1174 mindrobots
1175 prof_braino
1176 jazzed
1177 Humanoido
1178 Machine to Human Brain Interface with Parallax Propellers

1179 Propeller Neural Image Interface Development
Human Brain to Machine Brain
1180 Propeller Neural Image Interface Development
Machine Brain to Human Brain

Page 60
1181 Electromagnetic Injections from a Propeller Machine Brain into a Human Brain

1182 Phil
1183 Multiple Stamps Brain Prop - with Bean's Remarkable BS2Prop

1184 mike g
1185 phil
1186 mike g
1187 kwinn
1188 whit
1189 Persistence of Vision
1190 Building new Brain Wave Monitor BWM - Work begins next version model 1191 Brain Wave Machine Function - Theory of Op
1192 USB Equipment fan - Cooling Overclocked Propellers
1193 Creating Neural Activity in a Propeller Machine Brain - Food for the Brain Wave Machine
1194 Neuron Processors - Renaming Convention
1195 Recording BWM Waves - Squelching the Monster

1196 Propeller Wideband BWM Approach
1197 New Brain Wave Monitor
1198 Propeller Brain Spectral Thought Imprint Using the new Brain Wave Monitor v2.0
1199 Time Machine for Backups
1200 Propeller Brain Wave Machine - BWM Setup

Page 61
1201 BWM Brain Wave Monitor Characteristics

1202 BWM External Sound Pickup
1203 Brain Wave Sound - The sound of a thinking Propeller brain

1204 BWM Band Exploration
1205 BWM Propeller Suspended Animation
Exploring the Machine Brain with EEG BWM Brain Wave Monitor

1206 Harvesting Brain Voltage
1207 Apple iPhone as a Propeller BWM Recording Device

1208 Propeller Cryogenic Unit - New Lower Cost Method
1209 One Year Anniversary of Big Brain
1210 ElectricAye
1211 Ttailspin
1212 Humanoido
1213 ElectricAye
1214 Humanoido, no condensation with dry ice

1215 One Year Anniversary Party
1216 Humanoido
1217 Backup
1218 Ttailspin, fish tanks

1219 Glass Tank Insulation
1220 The Cerebellation Begins - One year Propeller Big Brain Anniversary celebration

Page 62
1221 Big Brain Index Update P56 through P61 - Updated to post 1219

1222 Updated Big Brain Dictionary
1223 Peltier VS Dry Ice - As a Cryogenic Coolant

1224 Brain Coupler Decoupler
1225 Generating Propeller Brain Square Wave Thought Patterns - Transmit square wave frequencies
1226 Post 1200 Update
1227 Big Brain Thinking Repertoire

1228 Double Parallel
1229 Propeller Brain Spin Speed Test
1230 Natural Computing Progression - for Big Brain expansion representations

1231 Fire Extinguisher as Brain Coolant - Cryogenic Systems
1232 Ttailspin, fire extinguisher precautions
1233 Supercooling Analysis on Solderless Breadboards with Propeller Chips & Dry Ice - Part 1
1234 Humanoido, fire extinguisher safety
1235 Solderless Breadboard Study - For Propeller Chips in the Big Brain
1236 Right Brain Talks with Humans - Big Brain has increasing conversational ability

1237 Stereo Brain Wave Machine - Introducing the SBWM for Propeller Arrays
1238 Dual Brain Multiple Conversations - Left Brain Right Brain Duality Function

1239 Updates to the Online Index
1240 New Big Brain Dictionary

Page 63
1241 First Proceedings of the Propeller Big Brain Anniversary Celebration

1242 Ttailspin, brain conversation
1243 Machines Teaching Machines - Left Brain Converses with Right Brain - Brain Machines Talk Together - Machines Learn from Each Other - Machine to Machine AI Intelligence Language Conversation
1244 Phil Pilgrim
1245 erco
1246 publison
1247 Phil
1248 NikosG
1249 Dave Hein
1250 Humanoido
1251 Humanoido
1252 Big Brain Presentation Development

1253 Humanoido
1254 BIG Brain in the News, Project of the Month at Dangerous Prototypes

1255 Historical Brain Wave Machine in 1935
1256 BIG Brain Assimilates a Parallax Propeller HYDRA Another Propeller is added to the collective
1257 prof_braino, arm, sensor input about environment

1258 erco, arm
1259 Sensors & Airport Pad for Aerial Swarming

1260 Arm, Brain Stub, Basic Stub

Page 64
1261 Right Brain Goes Multi-Lingual Talk with Right Brain in Four Languages
1262 Big Brain's BWM and the Brain Wave Machine of 1936

1263 The Real Father of Neuroscience - Please step forward
1264 ElectricAye, Pure Robotic Conversation
1265 Pure Robotic Conversation
1266 Humans Take the Turing Test - Is it machine or human?

1267 The Ultimate List of AI Conversational Programs
Over 7,000 AI bots ready to chat with you!

1268 128K EEPROM Added to Big Brain
1269 Phil
1270 Publison
1271 Duane Degn, Blade mSR RTF helicopter

1272 Ratronic, blade mcx2 helicopter
1273 Humanoido, Blade mCX BNF by BLADE

1274 Humanoido, Blade mSR RTF by BLADE
1275 Extreme 512K SRAM Added to Big Brain
1276 Hacking the Brain & Brain Bots
1277 Prof_Braino, bug brains book chibots

1278 Ratronic, helicopter payload weight
1279 Circadian Rhythm Clock
1280 Humanoido

Page 65
1281 Duane Degn, helicopter
1282 erco, spinster helical, camera for helicopter

1283 ratronic, helicopter
1284 RonP CX2 its larger than a mCX but could handle a small camera helicopter

1285 Eyecam 2.4GHz Color Micro Wireless Video Camera NTSC
1286 RonP mCX or mCX2 helicopter

1287 ratronic helicopter
1288 Duane Degn mcx helicopter
1289 RonP weight of mCX and mCX2 helicopter

1290 ratronic helicopter differences
1291 Humanoido
1292 Helicopter Camera & Orientation
1293 Duane Degn heicopter camera mCX2 mCX pan & tilt
1294 Reducing Breadboard Capacitance in High Speed Propeller Circuits Hack your Overclocked Brain Breadboards
1295 Humanoido
1296 ratronic helicopter application
1297 Big Brain AIRPORT Becoming a Reality 1298 Humanoido
1299 Ttailspin
1300 Humanoido

Page 66
1301 Big Brain Airport - Flying the S107G - Part 1 Introduction - a precursor to Propeller control
1302 Apple iPhone joins Big Brain's Propeller BWM  Use iphone to generate notes as calibration waveforms 1303 Big Brain Airport - First Mission
Airport Peripheral Begins to Take Shape
1304 Big Brain Airport - Budget Control
1305 Big Brain Begins Micro Space Program - Introducing Micro Space

1306 Humanoido
1307 Humanoido
1308 Humanoido
1309 Phil
1310 Big Brain Robotic Space Telescope - Propellers Slated for Telescope Interface - Moon Photo
1311 Second Big Brain Robotic Telescope - Telescopes as Propeller peripheral devices

1312 Right Brain Left Brain Experiment
1313 Big Brain's First Telescope
1314 iPhone Digital Telescope for the Big Brain
1315 First Telescope Image from Big Brain's 1st Camera, Moon

1316 Mike G
1317 Propeller PIR Motion Sensor for Flight Recorder

1318 Big Brain Automated Telescope Control
1319 Big Brain Telescope Mount Design - Creating a Propeller Altazimuth Big Brain

1320 Telescope Control Panel Defined - Both BASIC Stamp & Propeller compete for position

Page 67
1321 namochan
1322 Phil
1323 Mike G
1324 Ttailspin
1325 Humanoido
1326 Big Brain Airport Build - Part 1 of 3 Parts - Getting Started

1327 Big Brain Airport Build - Part 2 of 3 Parts
1328 Big Brain Airport Build - Part 3 of 3 Parts - the Conclusion

1329 Big Brain Telescope Software for the iPhone
1330 Martin_H
1331 Big Brain Assimilates Apple iPhone

1332 Ttailspin
1333 Phil
1334 Mindrobots left right brain air brain telepathic

1335 erco
1336 Humanoido, iphone
1337 Humanoido, iphone compare

1338 Phil
1339 Big Brain Airport Structural Tests
1340 SD Card Added to Big Brain - 1 GB SD & 128K EEPROM memory add on

Page 68
1341 Index Update to Page 67
1342 Ganzfweld Phenomena Tricks the Brain
Can Sensory Deprivation Delude the Machine Brain?

1343 prof_braino
1344 Phil
1345 erco
1346 Ttailspin
1347 Publison
1348 Mike G
1349 Humanoido
1350 Mike Green
1351 Mike G
1352 prof_braino
1353 Browser
1354 Ttailspin
1355 Phil
1356 Ttailspin
1357 Mike Green
1358 Phil
1359 Ritesh Kakkar
1360 Ken Gracey

Page 69 (Migrated to 46)
1361 prof_braino
1362 humanoido
1363 Propeller Airport PIR Build - Aircraft Motion Detector Machine launch flight recovery
1364 NEW Big Brain Laboratory #4 - Now open for research

1365 Helicopter Fleet Expanded - Aerial Program extended
1366 Quads and Props - Ken Gracey & QuadCopter
1367 Tiny Brain One - TBO goes portable
1368 Big Brain Adds Micro Kite Division - Expanding Micro Space Program

1369 Ttaispin, kite info
1370 erco
1371 Humanoido
1372 Humanoido
1373 Robotic Propeller Controlled Kite 1374 Ttailspin, kite info
1375 Robo Kite Potential - More Propeller and BASIC Stamp Kite Apps

1376 Humanoido, robotic kite
1377 erco
1378 Ttailspin, kite info

1379 erco
1380 erco, forrest mims link, kite flying tips

Page 70
1381 Humanoido
1382 Establishing Kite Altitude & String Parameters - Parallax sensors & processors

1383 erco
1384 Robo Motion - universal robotic Propeller-controlled motion platform

1385 Humanoido, kit reel winding control
1386 Robotic Stick Flying

1387 Ttailspin, kite flying
1388 Propeller Robotic Airport Pinout

1389 Ttailspin, kite flying
1390 Robotic Kite - String Selection, Waterproofing

1391 Ttailspin, kites
1392 Measuring Altitude of Aerial Photos

1393 Humanoido, kites
1394 My Journey Into Space Part 1 Introduction, Flight Photos, Safety Considerations

1395 My Journey Into Space Part 2 Experiencing the Trip into Space
1396 PIR Materials Transparency Test For the Robotic Micro Space Airport

1397 Update to the Index
1398 My Journey Into Space Part 3 From Micro Space to Mega Space

1399 Big Toys for Big Brains? - The Remote Car Camera
1400 Big Brain Pneumatic Robo Rocket - Expanding Micro Space Fleet - Varying Rocket Altitude

Page 71 (Migrated 48)
1401 Brain Hardware Shopping
1402 Duane Degn, measuring aerial photos

1403 Dave Hein, measuring aerial photos
1404 Humanoido, measuring aerial photos
1405 Humanoido, measuring aerial photos
1406 Big Brain Masterminds a New Telescope - Small Robo Dob

1407 Big Brain Associated Space - The types of space
1408 1st Tests of Big Brain's New Telescope - Mechanical Considerations for Making a Robotic Telescope using the Micro Dobsonian - Celestron FirstScope and Parallax Propeller Chips
1409 ROBOTIC Dobsonian Drive - Notes for Robotizing the FirstScope, Establishing the Modus for a Robotic Alt-Azimuth Telescope Drive Using Parallax Propeller Processors for the Celestron FirstScope Dobsonian Newtonian Reflector Telescope
1410 Deluxe DIY Robotic Ocular Drive Rack & Pinion System Driven with Parallax Propellers and Servos, Notes for Robotizing Ocular Rack & Pinion on Celestron FirstScope Dobsonian Reflector Telescope
1411 Design for a Micro Thermodynamic Equalizer
1412 Optical Telescope Testing - Did Big Brain Do Well in Assimilating the Celestron FirstScope?
1413 Big Brain September Recap

1414 Online Index Update
1415 "Fill the Brain" Project Searchable PDF Thread Index V1.1

1416 Big Brain's Tether & the Tethered Space Camera
1417 Robotic Sun Telescope
1418 Revisiting the Moon & Jupiter with Celestron FirstScope and Robotic Meade ETX60 Telescopes
1419 Publison
1420 Ttailspin

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Page 72 (P48 Migrated)
1421 Humanoido,  moderation
1422 Duane Degan, telescope
1423 Humanoido, telescope
1424 Humanoido, telescope
1425 Phil, telescope mount
1426 Martin H, telescope
1427 Data for Auto Image Processing
1428 Humanoido, telescope
1429 Humanoido, telescope
1430 Humanoido, Help Finding a Part
1431 Big Brain's MSR-1 Rocket - First Flight (photo)
1432 DIY Your Own MSR-1 Rocket
1433 Publison, self moderation
1434 Humanoido
1435 Robotic Rocket Gantry
1436 7 Steps to Artificial Life
1437 Introducing Micro Radar for the Big Brain - MRAD
1438 Duane Degn
1439 Humanoido
1440 Humanoido (photo)
1441 Quadcopter Continues Gain In Popularity

1442 Ajward
1443 Humanoido
1444 Ttailspin
1445 Humanoido
1446 Robotic Reel (RR) - Propeller Driven String Winder for Micro Space
1447 Micro Space Vehicles
1448 "Quadcopter First Choice" - The Great DIY Build, Big Brain Commands the Construction of a Quadcopter
1449 Quadcopter First Choice Part 2 Getting Started   
1450 Quadcopter First Choice Part 3 - The Plans
1451 Phil
1452 Quadcopter First Choice Part 4 - Flight Control & Wiring
1453 Morphing the Quadcopter First Choice
1454 Quadcopter First Choice - Air & Body Lifting Tests
1455 The New SkyFlyer
1456 The Invention of Air Rockets
1457 Humanoido (reserved)
1458 Humanoido (reserved)
1459 Selecting a Micro Space Camera
1460 Duane Degn
1461 Publison
1462 Humanoido
1463 Phil
1464 Humanoido
1465 Quadcopter First Choice Motor & Propeller Tests
1466 Humanoido
1467 Big Brain Grows an Electric Tail
1468 The Brain Softclock
1469 Micro Space Universe MSU
1470 The Rocket SlipStream Drive
1471 The First Slipstream Drive

End P49 Forum Migration
Begin P50 Forum Migration

1472 First Micro Space Rocket MSR-01 Launch Photo Sequence
1473 Heater
1474 Mindrobots
1475 Entering Balloons Into the Slipstream
1476 Ttailspin
1477 Seven Billion Micro Space Universes
1478 Mindrobots
1479 Phil
1480 Dave Hein

Page 75
1481 The Relative Safety of Micro Space

1482 Parallax Propeller or BASIC Stamp
1483 Bamse
1484 Ttailspin
1485 Prop or Stamp Vote?
1486 The Micro Space Tether
1487 Heavy Launch Rocket Launcher Complex
1488 Big Brain Performs Engine Tests
for the Micro Space Program Heavy Lift Launcher & Engine
1489 New Engine Design
1490 Big Brain Discovers Micro Space Zero-G
How to Make Weightlessness in Micro Space
1491 Measuring the Effects of Zero-G in Micro Space
with the Parallax Mesmic 2125 Accelerometer
1492 Duane Degn, nunchuck accelerometer zero-g
1493 Humanoido, weightlessness
1494 Measuring the Effects of Zero-G in Micro Space
with the Parallax Hitachi H48C Tri-Axis Accelerometer Module
1495 Humanoido, data logging, softclock, rocket flight time
1496 Duane Degn, data logger
1497 The Micronaut Space Program
Big Brain Rocket Program and the Selection of Tiny Astronauts
1498 Micro Space Data Logger
1499 The New MSR-01A Rocket
A modified MSR-01 for Launching Micronauts into Micro Space
1500 Large Rocket Launcher

Page 76
1501 Pressure Tank & PSI Meter Add on
1502 Electronic Micro Space Pressure Readings
with the Parallax VTI SCP1000 Pressure Sensor
1503 Brain Dreaming with Terragen Classic
1504 Portable Micro Space Rocket Launcher
Robotic options with a Propeller chip and servo
1505 The First WYSIWYG Rocket Balloon
1506 The Brain's New Micro Space RB-01 Rocket Balloon
1507 The Brain's Hot Energy Fuel
1508 Big Brain Micro Space Transporter
Beam things from the Earth to a Micro Space Craft
1509 DIY Portable Micro Space Rocket Launcher
Propeller Chips & Robotic Rockets
1510 DIY Portable Micro Space Rocket Launcher
Propeller Chips & Robotic Rockets
1511 Experiments with AntiVortexing
Reduce or Cancel Vortex
1512 The First Anti Vortex Grid
1513 Improving the Portable Rocket Launcher
Mod 1: Valve and Pressure Tubing Modification
1514 Big Brain Tips for Rocketry MSP Peripherals
1515 Portable MSP Rocket Launcher Dual Purpose
1516 Shocking Dismemberment of the Big Brain Leads to "Distributed Braining"
1517 Distributed Braining & Consequences
A new era begins in Big Brain development
1518 Source for Inexpensive Fuel Line Pressure Valves
1519 International Source for Super Duct Tape
1520 Bigger Brain Robot Rockets
Popular Mechanics tells how

Page 77
1521 Ajward
1522 Duane Degn, Gorilla tape
1523 Humanoido, duct tape
1525 Gorilla Tape
1525 Micronaut4
Meet the Micronauts
Selecting the Next Crew to Go Up Into Micro Space
1526 Developing a Future Generation of Big Brain Robot Machine Micronauts
1527 Big Brain Applications in Astronomy
The merging of Propeller and Telescope
1528 Can the Propeller Brain Make a Larger ULT Telescope?
1529 Color Vision Recognition
1529 Analyzing the Big Brain's ULT
Telescope Systems Design Program Part 1
1530 Analyzing the Big Brain's ULT
Telescope Systems Design Program Part 1
1531 Big Brain Spin Casts 1st Micro Telescope Mirror using Spin Rotation
1532 Brain Finds a Use for over 3,200 Controlling I/Os
Aligning the ULT in MMT Configuration with a Propeller Brain
1533 Big Brain Evolution
Shifting Interests Leading to the World's Largest Telescope
Available to Amateur Astronomers
1534 Big Brain - Solving Riddles of the Universe
with ULT Ultra Large Robotic Telescope
1535 Big Brain Starts Its Own Optics Institute
Optics Sets for Robotic Propeller Driven Telescopes
1536 ElectricAye, liquid telescope mirrors
1537 Spinning Liquid Mirrors
1538 Robotic Spinning Water Mirror
1539 Robotic MMT
Computer Systems Design Program Part 2
1540 Iardom

Page 78
1541 Understanding the Big Brain
Reliability, Array, Isolation, Troubleshooting, Self Test
1542 Machine Brain Redundancy
1543 Big Brain Opts for Mirror Folding
1544 Big Brain Goes with FFL Fast Focal Length Technology
1545 Telescope Systems Design Program
Part 3 - MMT Mutiple Mirror Robotic Telescopes
1546 Combining ULT and MSP
Combination of Ultra Large Telescope and Micro Space Program
Innovates a New Technology
1547 Big Brain Invents Massive ULT Crater Telescope
1548 MSP Adaptive Tethering
1549 Measure Brain Matter Electric Speed
1550 Big Brain Invents VARFL with a Propeller
The World's First Variable Robotic Newtonian Telescope Mirror
1551 Intelligent Glass - Robotic Invention of the Century
1552 Duane Degn
1554 How to Connect a Propeller Brain
to Make Intelligent Glass
1555 Intelligent Glass Advanced Application
Adaptive Optics
1556 Mirror Folding Notes
1557 The First Refractor MLT Project
Not MMT, it's MLT Multiple Lens Telescope
1558 Prepping the Telescope Systems Design Program
History, Directory
Integer sections convert to PropBASIC
1559 A New Walking Telescope Secondary
Robotic Optic in Motion During Transforming
1560 ElectricAye, diffraction effects

Page 79
1561 Humanoido
1562 Humanoido
1563 ElectricAye
1564 Humanoido
1565 Fly Eye Telescope
A million inch diameter refractor for space applications?
1566 Humanoido
1567 Glass Multiple Lens Telescope
Results of MLT Experiments
1568 The Walking Telescope - Determining Walk distance
Which servo to use - standard or continuous rotation?
1569 A Night Out with the MLT Multiple Lens Telescope
1570 Spectacular Performance Images from the MLT
Multiple Lens Telescope
1571 The Secret of the MLT Multiple Lens Telescope
1572 Adding More Elements to a MLT Multiple Lens Telescope
1573 Humanoido, AO, active optics
1574 ElectricAye
1575 Humanoido
1576 Phil
1577 Humanoido
1578 ElectricAye
1579 Humanoido
1580 OSLO Optical Software

Page 80
1581 Fresnel Lenses & Cheap Lenses
1582 Build a James Web Space Telescope or ULT
1583 ElectricAye
1584 The Future of iGlass Aligns with Propeller
1585 Humanoido
1586 Index Spotlight on PIR
1587 Cryogenics Fault Line Freeze
1588 Humanoido
1589 Robotic Telescope Systems Design Program - Part 4
How deep is your curve?
1590 Tips for building your own MLT
1591 The Big Brain's Water Universe Telescope
Use One Million Drops of Water to View the Universe
1592 Build This "Million Drops" Liquid Telescope
Runs on Water Fuel
1593 Rating a Water Drop Telescope
1594 ElectricAye
1595 Humanoido
1596 Phil
1597 Humanoido
1598 Phil
1599 Humanoido
1600 Phil

Page 81
1601 Humanoido
1602 Humanoido
1603 Phil
1604 Martin_H
1605 Phil
1606 Duane Degn
1607 Martin_H
1608 Martin_H
1609 Erco
1610 ElectricAye
1611 Optical or Not Optical
1612 MMT MLT Accuracy
1613 Humanoido
1614 Expect the Unexpected
1615 Documentation
1616 Phil
1617 Achromatism Technique
1618 Conceptual Development
1619 Membrane Quality in Liquid Telescopes
1620 Maksutov Telescope

Page 82
1621 JMI Wheely Bar

End Page 54 Forum Migration
Begin page 55 forum Migration

1622 Shape of a water lens
1623 Unfolding Folded Film for use in Large Mirrors and Lenses
1624 Seeing Through Objects
1625 Big Brain Surfing
1626 Martin_H
1627 Leon, eyeglasses
1628 Humanoido
1629 Eyeglasses
1630 Brain Project Multitasking
Fly Eye Telescope, Water Telescope, Multiple Lens Telescope, Ultra Large Telescope, Resin Cast Mirror Telescope, Hydraulic Mirror Membrane Telescope, MMT & ULT Merging Telescopes
1631 8-Page Index

1632 Big Brain Time Line Evolution
1633 Achromatism Correction
1634 Liquid Telescope Development
1635 Quantitative or Qualitative Choose Your Q
1636 Phil
1637 Humanoido
1638 3.6-inch Water Telescope
1639 Regulating the Shape of a Liquid Lens by Hydraulics
1640 Photos of the First Liquid Telescope Using a 3.6 Inch H2O Lens
1641 Photos of the First Liquid Telescope Using a 3.6 Inch H2O Lens
1642 1st Water Lens Telescope Membrane Examination Photos Description
1643 Water Telescope Lens Shape
1644 Membrane Telescope Wrinkle Test
1645 Aluminized Mylar Peanut Telescope Mirror
1646 Electric Aye
1647 Aluminized Mylar Sourcing
1648 Water Lens Containment Vessel Solution
1648 Duane Degn
1649 Nan Ya Membrane Test
1650 The Extent of a Water Lens Edge Tension Curve Pneumatic, Mylar Balloon Material

end of new forum page 55
begin new forum page 56

1651 Resin Spin Casting, Bubbles, Aluminizing, Silvering, Centrifuge
1652 Results from the Aluminized Plasic Bag Mirror - Reflective Mylar & Polymer Material
1653 Big Brain Established Telescope Mirror Definitions
1654 Big Brain Telescope Classification
1655 Potato Chip Telescope
1656 Phil
1657 Big Brain Labs World Expansion  
1658 Aluminized Membrane - Stretching, Reflectivity, Enhancement, Contrast, Image Brightness 
1659 Constructive Interference of Light - Telescope Mirror Enhancement Method 
1660 10X Telescope Diameter Enhancement
1661 The 10X Telescope Enhancement - Exactly what is Enhanced?  
1662 ElectricAye
1663 Potato Chip Bag Telescope Mirror Results
1664 Humanoido
1665 Aluminized Polymer Substrate for Telescope Mirrors
1666 Applications for a Double Sided Mirror?
1667 1,800-Inch Telescope in a Roll
1668 Aluminized Polymer Substrate Roll First Study
1669 ElectricAye
1670 Inflatables - Aluminized Film   
1671 Memory Erasing of a Large 2.2-Meter Mirror
1673 ElectricAye
1674 Humanoido
1675 Mirror Polymer Substrate Anti Curl Heat Experiment
1676 Mirror Polymer Substrate Thickness Determination
1677 Another Optical Telescope Consideration - Going Grade A+ Optics
1678 Mylar Mirror Links
1679 Electric Aye
1670 Tailspin
1671 Erco

end of new forum p56
begin new forum p57

1672 The Inordinate Effect & Back to the Future
1673 Martin_H
1674 Phil
1675 Water Drop Fly Eye Telescope
1676 Humanoido
1677 ElectricAye
1678 No-Brainer News Update
1679 Humanoido
1680 Jazzed
1681 Reviewing Big Brain Machine Intelligence
1682 Free Aluminized Substrate
1683 Humanoido
1684 Big Brain in GreeSTEMS
1685 ElectricAye
1686 Phil
1687 Humanoido
1688 Round Telescope Completed - Built with Lenses of Unusual Properties
1689 Jazzed
1670 Humanoido
1671 Lens Sources & Links
1672 Genetic Algorithm
1673 DIY the Intelligent Mirror - with a Propeller Chip Brain
1674 Duane
1675 Humanoido
1676 Humanoido
1677 Humanoido 
1678 Humanoido 
1679 Humanoido 
1680 Humanoido 
1681 Humanoido

end of new forum p57
begin new forum p58

1682 Duane
1683 Humanoido
1684 Ttailspin
1685 Humanoido
1686 Project Proposals Being Accepted for the Big Brain's ULT Ultra Large Telescope
1687 Phil
1688 Big Brain Telescope Developments
1690 prof_braino
1691 humanoido
1692 mindrobots
1693 Thin Film Patents and NASA
1694 Front Surface Reflective Mirror Polymer
1695 Robotic Control of AO or AO? Adaptive Optics and Active Optics
1696 Morphing Optics MO
1697 Brain MO and the Herschelian Design
1698 Ttailspin
1699 DoggieDoc
1700 Propeller Brain Allotment
1701 ULT & the Web
1702 Intelligent Mirror Reflectors, Reflective Mirror Sheeting
1703 The Very Large Telescope array (VLT)
1704 Telescope Vacuum Mirror
1705 Ultra Large Telescope Design Scenarios
1706 Telescoping Vacuum Mirror Test Results
1707 ULT Ultra Large Telescope
1708 Working with 8 MIL
1709 Inflatable Robot Technology
1710 ajward
1711 ULT Ultra Large Telescope - Spotlite Index
1712 Cluso99

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1713 Big Brain - No Limit
1714 Tuned Mass Dampener
1715 ElectricAye
1716 Big Brain & Illinois University Supercomputer Increased To TeraFLOPS
1717 Duane Degn
1718 Mike Green
1719 Duane Degn
1720 Leon
1721 Mike G
1722 Ron Czapala
1723 Ron P
1724 Erco
1725 Phil
1726 Ttailspin
1727 Phil
1728 Ron P
1729 Phil
1730 Ttailspin
1731 Ron Czapala
1732 Ttailspin
1733 Ken Gracey
1734 Big Brain Outgrows Parallax Forum, Big Brain Transfers to a New Home, Big Brain Chronology Growth History  

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