Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mobile Brain Robot

As a result of the Big Brain project and its spinoff technology, the Mobile Brain Robot is born.

The Mobile Brain, MBR, was designed and prototyped with both the Parallax Propeller and BASIC Stamp. In the final analysis, the wheeled chassis from a BOEBOT robot gives mobility and the brain comes from a Brain in a Jar project using a single Propeller chip with 8 processor cores.

As an added feature to the Mobile Brain, a PING ultrasonic sensor adds the power of ultrasonic vision. Ultrasonics, much like bat or submarine SONAR can see out to distances of about 12-feet maximum and in total darkness. It's also well adapted to closer distances as well. In this case, rather than using a sing servo to move the PING sensor side to side for scanning scenery, the technique of vision scanning is to move the already established two wheels in countered directions for left and right motions. The main circuit is built on a solderless breadboard and attached to the BoeBot chassis. The purpose of Mobile Brain is to demonstrate the characteristics of a thinking brain that has the power of mobility and changing positions.

The MBR is an interim test robot built before the Planet Saturn's Moon Titan Lander Explorer Robot.

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