Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Big Brain in 2018

The Big Brain (aka Brain) in 2018 has won employment at SPACE1 Industries and is using it's extended knowledge to further development of the private industry space program. Physical changes include the separation of five levels of brain (4 large boards and one large exoskeleton with up to 40 boards) containing 240,000 computing processors to allow for the circuits to fit into a standard size work room, lab, and office. Over its development in ten years, the Brain has evolved to specific duties and capabilities in exploring space, and has seen various space programs over their evolution (micro space, near space, next space, deep space, ultra space, and SPACE1). Also hired by SPACE1 are numerous Big Brain offspring. They are reactivated and called into space work programs as needed to solve various space computing and thinking challenges. In 2018, new humanoid robots are added to work alongside the Brain and a new blog was started for humanoid robots.