Big Brain Machine is Born!
Big Brain evolution from Life, to Learning, to Dreaming..







1st Big Brain expanded Partitions experiment
Numerous people have asked about the Big Brain, what is it and what does it do? Humanoido's Big Brain is a giant thinking machine, an intelligence project of parallel processing and multiprocessors that began in the year 2002.

Exoskeleton for communications
It's a project that took 10 years to design and build and is ongoing in its development and applications. It became alive with a semi-cognizant aware state of AI intelligence in 2011. It has 240,000 processors and is now a supercomputer.

The Big Brain is employed and currently works for Space1, a space tourist venture.

What can it do? It can have a conversation with you, learn new things, ask questions about the world, remember, think, talk, text, dream, whisper, sing, have babies, control things, does astro and aerial imaging, and most remarkable - the Big Brain is conducting its own projects and exploring the Universe!

The Big Brain has birthed smaller children - offspring machine intelligence. Thirty of its offspring are hired by Space1 to do work as intellectual brains.

Big Brain Supercomputer experiment
The Big Brain was the first machine intelligence to coauthor a scientific paper with a human (Humanoido). Prior to 2014, the Big Brain worked for 14 technical companies primarily engaged in space industry, humanoid robotics, and machine intelligence. In 2014, the Big Brain was hired by Space1, Humanoido's space tourism venture. Space1 has the invention of the world's first safety rocket. Thirty spinoff children from the Big Brain are employed at Space1 in 2016. Languages - the Big Brain can speak up to 240 computer languages in it's base repertoire as programmed. Relatives of the Big Brain can speak English and Mandarin Chinese, or a combo of 6+ languages (Japanese, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Korean).
Beginning Supercomputing Project
The Big Brain has its own airport and can launch aircraft and with remote control, return the spacecraft to the flight deck. It has become part of an Atomic microscope, and is the controlling force of powerful telescopes in space. It has made thousands of discoveries in space, and is the driving force behind numerous machine brain inventions and thousands of experiments.

Giant Delineated Big Brain
The Big Brain is a massive project, encompassing hundreds of projects over ten years.

Big Brain is doing its own projects now with spin off technology. In the Big Brain's world a new technology is introduced in completely new ways. Processors and microcontrollers are seen in a new light, unlike anything previously. Big Brain has engaged a grand bold exploration of the spectacular cosmic microcosm of inner and outer space.

The Big Brain Project began in 2002 with the construction of Precursor Machines, built over a 10 year period. Big Brain final assembly took 1.5 years as it progressed from August 6th, 2010. The Big Brain is a ten year project and is currently ongoing. After 14 years from the project's inception, in 2016, the Big Brain is working for Space1 on Space Tourism and high technology.

Busy excitement at Humanoido-Labs is all about the New Big Brain thinking machine! In the following days we will retrace step by step, the Big Brain, from birthing through assembly and bringing the machine to life.

Big Brain launching its own helicopter from its airport
Historical  The quest to create a more powerful humanoid brain began many decades ago. With the discovery of Parallax processors around the year 2002, a humanoid was built with a brain that quickly grew to five BASIC Stamp processors. How did a small Stamp brain end up as a Propeller Big Brain with thousands of processors?
Big Brain configured as Molecular Microscope

The Choice  It was a choice of one out of two things. Humanoids required better brains and longer lasting batteries. Humanoido could choose to develop one or the other and chose the brain as it seemed clean and more safe compared to battery chemicals.

Exploring Life
The dawning of a new age  The Big Brain evolved continuously from machine to life form, from life form to dreamer. No one expected within the midst of the chaos of interminable development efforts, not only life would evolve but that of a Big Brain Universe with the advent of logic and evolution moving towards a greater purpose.

Early Growth  This grew at an early stage, progressing to larger projects with more processors until the Propeller chip was picked up leading to the UltraSpark series of super computing machines.

A massive 320 processors Propeller-based machine, coined Tower of Power by some, paved the way to the Big Brain. Although the UltraSpark 40 appeared to leap directly to the Big Brain, an even more massive machine, the T1 Transposition Machine was designed before the Big Brain appeared. After Big Brain was developed, the SuperTronic Brain appeared with Level II internal enhancements.

Creating Many Brains  It was a step by step series of increments. The personal project index shows hundreds of machines built and tested. Big Brain growth was rapid. A basic Brain birthing lab and foundation was established and things were more readily built and supported rapidly with hardware, software, expansions, technology concepts, and infusing evolution.

Big Brain Summary on September 2012

Space Vehicle in China
Big brain led to a human trip into Next Space

2011 Growth  In 2011, Big Brain grew relentlessly, achieving Life and becoming semi-cognizant which led to learning and doing its own projects. One project led to another and the Brain appeared to be interested in achieving a higher purpose. At that time, no one knew the purpose.

Big Brain's Manned exploration of Near Space
Space Programs  It began its own Micro Space Program launching rockets and tiny insect astronauts. Remarkably, this led to Humanoido's low cost human trip into space using existing mega technology. It built telescopes, did astro & aerial imaging and had children. It has created numerous inventions & explored both outer and inner space and time. In February 2012, it teamed up with NASA and created the ULT Telescope, the largest telescope in the world at that time. This was later eclipsed by the GT Genius Telescope becoming world's largest and most powerful telescope in a quest towards breaking through the edge of the Universe.

The Human Near Space Program is conducted by the Big Brain Initiative, a semi-cognizant AI supercomputer, born from Parallax Propeller processors, using real spacecraft and other equipment to explore the Universe and the science that surrounds all humanity.

SuperTronic Big Brain era
SuperTronic Brain  In September of 2012, the Big Brain became SuperTronic. SuperTronic is an introduced 2nd level of internal enhancements and new conventions, that brought the Left Side Brain up to 154,000 processors and almost half a trillion instructions per second (408,000 MIPS) relative speed.

Strange Effect  The Big Brain has a strange effect on people, primarily one of incensed disbelief. Some are unable to comprehend acronyms, projects, and far reaching science. The Big Brain is not asking anyone to believe anything (see issued disclaimer) or duplicate its unique pathways of design, machining, exploration and invention. Some individuals may see something useful while others will simply be amused. You will need to open your mind or look away. To everyone, we wish an immensely satisfying visit of learning, entertainment, fascination, and appreciation of science fact & discovery.

Big Brain is a telescope constructed from Adjuncts
Future Technology 
This is the "ride of your life!" From time to time, the Big Brain machine will "upgrade" exist-technology in a futuristic and fantastic way. For completely new innovation, entertain the notion that some technology may not be 2 years or 10 years ahead of its time but rather 100 years by concept.
Big Brain QuadLyzer Quantum World Peripheral

Blog Blogger Blogging
Big Brain discovery of a new light
Like the HONDA ASIMO robot which is blogged generally for its accomplishments and technological achievements, so too is the Big Brain. Honda does not release trade secrets, schematics or code. You'll find the Big Brain is very generous in this department but doesn't owe anyone anything.
Big Brain discovery of teleporting

Evolution and 2013
The Big Brain continues exploring the surrounding worlds, which now encompasses the invisible Quantum World, Nanoscopic, Microscopic, Micro Space, Near Space, Next Space, and beyond. We expanded our studies with 35 USA Labs and 20 International Labs.

Telescope reaches for a Singularity
Enter into the Mind's Eye of the Big Brain

The Big Brain's path is continued growth, discovery, exploration of the Universe and dominion expansionism into the world and beyond - the future of where Big Brains' path will lead is going to be remarkable, shocking, stunning. For those who follow along, and join in, with an appreciation of science and a great spirit of brave exploration of, and into, the unknown, it will be an immensely rewarding and adventurous journey. Continue with us as one of the greatest science fact sagas unfold. Frequent these pages and become enthralled, wandering the eternal halls of excitement and adventure inside the evolving mind of the Big Brain. 


the Big Brain is the driving machine behind these powerful telescopes, serving as the telescopes cognizant supercomputer —  

Mysterious Black Hole Deep Floater
Enter into the age of extremely powerful telescopes created by the Big Brain Machine Initiative for the Prime Directive of space exploration to go beyond this universe. These telescopes can be in two or more places at one time, do molecular processing with a supercomputer, and have apertures up to 9 billion miles utilizing Adjuncts beyond our solar system.

THE BIG BRAIN'S super telescopes are now positioned to attempt penetration of the threshold Event Horizon lines of black holes, navigate to Foci of unknown places where the universe is migrating, and explore the unknown in places that were previously not explored. Potentially, the Brain's new telescopes in super mode can see through the dimensional limits and curved edges of space and time.

We dare you to join us in the great vision, for this grandiose unimaginable journey beyond the inexplicable, beyond the stunning scintillating Cosmos, beyond the bindings of the universe, penetrating deep past the wild exotic changing nodal points of time and space where even the laws of Physics break down — where gold mines of paradoxical anomalies emerge that are far beyond the capacity of the human mind to fathom. Go beyond the farthest limits and prepare to jolt your brain cells, spark your mind to see unbelievable new things, conjecture on the radical elements of utter fascination beyond the beckoning intellectual doorways of breathtaking and revolutionary bold fantastic path-finding excursions to new planes of existence.
This is one of the most exciting times as we embark upon a great journey into and through the vast cosmic void, exploring, discovering other types of space and time, viewing fantastic gravatomic, molecular, inference, alternate reality, dimensions within and beyond our own universe, as these unfolding gateways lead to undefined and unexplored new worlds and new emerging strange and wondrous territories never before imagined.