Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Array Disassembly Reassembly

For moving, shipping, and transport, all Big Brain arrays needed to be disassembled. The challenge was how to take apart these wired breadboards and remember how to reassemble at the destination.

Wires are removed from Array edges
1) The first solution was to photograph all the boards in color detail from various angles.  Each breadboard is unique and has identifying features.

2) The second solution is to use color coded wires. For example, a green connecting ground wire from one breadboard to another was disconnected at one breadboard. In the exact hole position, another green wire was inserted. For reassembly, the wires are matched, although several wires of one color may exist and to sort this out, photos are consulted. Connecting array color codes include black, green, blue, red, salmon, white, orange and yellow wires.