Thursday, January 19, 2012

Big Brain Experiences First Earthquake

Sample USGS Map
At 6:14 am, the building shook from a substantial earthquake. About a minute before the earthquake struck, a very loud multi toned alarm appear to come from every direction. This was undoubtedly the advanced quake warning system. But what happened to the Big Brain? Did it fall from its perched loft and crash into 1,000 pieces?

The building shook and vibrated for about a half minute. The Big Brain arrays were splayed with vertical stacking upon the round table at the Lab's lower level and swayed back and forth but did not fall. The Right side brain was already set next to the arrays and likewise did not topple. The Brain remained stable.

The stability of the Brain is now proven and "earthquake proof" up to
a range between 3 and 5. More intense earthquakes may require special brain measures to be taken. The survivability of the Big Brain during an earthquake was topic discussed in the past. It was accurately predicted to survive a number three.

The USGS has a record of the last earthquake, though it takes time to update. Other locations are recorded as well.