Saturday, January 7, 2012


The Brain grows again with this Encapsulator
The Expanding Brain Encapsulator is designed and built to support and surround the Brain Morpher and implementation of Brain siblings. This represents the latest Big Brain growth since moving to the new Laboratories.

This Encapsulator is built from four pieces of wood and 12 bolts. It features smooth sanded sides and corners, predrilled holes, an inside bottom shelf for mounting Brain boards and components, while the top holds the supporting computer and mouse for programming the Propeller arrays. The back is open for the routing of many wires and cables, and the sides are for attaching modules, arrays, boards, and various components with expansions. The Encapsulator stability is rock solid. A white ellipse shaped carpet with tight weave and with grippy side up acts a large friction bearing so the stand can be rotated about 90 degrees from side to side during use. The Big Brain currently has a large brain tier containment vessel, a series of boxes and reinforcing support extensions for breadboard arrays, a vertical Exoskeleton with boards mounted on the outside, and now the Encapsulator.

New Word Dictionary
Encapsulator - a supporting and surrounding device for the Big Brain Morpher and implementation of Brain siblings