Monday, January 23, 2012

Brain Transfer State

A big brain is in a particular "state" when functioning. Even an experimental Brain program has some definitive state. States include parameter such that if the power was lost, a reinstatement of states would put the Brain in the identical mode of operation.

Transferring one brain to another brain may require saving states. States must first be carried along in the program and tracked, recorded, updated. A SPIN program can save states in the form of parameters. The language has a series of features using and defining parameters, even from cog to cog. States can include information about the status of the Brain such as the current data processed in a task, the state or evolved condition of a thought, and other important braining information.

New Word Dictionary
Braining - the process or functioning of a brain, enabling the brain to work, the term for using the Big Brain - as recreation, work, experimentation, study and exploration.
Brain State - the condition of a brain at any one time in terms of parameters which may include dream information, hardware or software details, thoughts, work performed, data processed or unprocessed, evolved levels, and other information.