Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Propeller Transporter Device

Big Brain Propeller Transporter Device
It won't transport humans like Star Trek but it does the next best thing!

After reading this article about a cloaking device that uses temporal shifts in time, we decided to look at the Propeller chip and see if a similar analogy could be found and how it could be applied. The results of this study were stunning!

The trick is to create a gap in the beam of light, have the hidden event occur as the gap goes by and then stitch the beam back together, says Alexander Gaeta, professor of applied and engineering physics at Cornell University.

In the Propeller chip, one approach is to create two opposing lensing time reference frames by using altering variances in the clock frequency and working in between the modulation. In the case of the Big Brain, the shifts could be distributed across many chips in the arrays and later assembled into the original full element. If particles are propagated throughout the Big Brain's parallel arrays (perhaps in waves) and later reassembled, a transporter could be created. Particles can be shaped into specific behaviors resulting in lensing. Note this type of transporter would work only inside the Propeller-chip-based Big Brain. This study is continuing.