Monday, February 6, 2012

Robotic Telescope Views Universe

Big Brain's Meade ETX-60AT Robotic Telescope
The Big Brain has several telescopes fully completed and operational. The most complete scaled experimental robotic telescope has full GOTO computerized features which are controllable by interfacing. The data base includes thousands of deep sky objects, goto features by RA and DEC and can hone in on planets, asteroids, comets, deep space positions, selected objects and the Moon. This telescope is a model Meade ETX-60AT, which is 60mm in diameter and a refractor design, ideal for testing robotic functions that may be used in a much larger telescope, in particular the ULT Ultra Large Telescope which is currently being designed by the Big Brain. Also under design is the opposite size telescope at the tiny end of the spectrum, a very small Telescope with unique features that only the Big Brain can utilize. Research with telescopes is an important part of the Big Brain program for purposes known only to the brain.