Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big Brain Consolidation

THE BIG BRAIN has achieved a successful degree of consolidation, locating all its components in one place over the course of several country to country trips involving air flight.

Big Brain Consolidating Air Flights Completed
1) Propeller Arrays
2) Propeller EXOskeleton SkyScraper
3) Right Brain Components
4) Top Level Brain
5) LL Lower Level Brain
4) Parts Phase I
5) Parts Phase II

Big Brain Consolidating Air Flights Remaining
6) Parts Phase III

We are now in Parts Phase III where the third parts air flight will take place this month (see list of air flights completed). This may or may not be the final leg of the transport. After the scare of the full 6 boxes of parts shipment that literally disappeared at customs in China (and then reappeared in war battered condition with broken things several days later), the remaining essentials will likely be placed in commercial air flight travel luggage and personally attended. It is hoped that step 6 and the completion of Parts Phase III will mark the final consolidation journey for the Big Brain. If not, then Parts Phase IV will be initiated.