Sunday, July 8, 2012

Area 51

These machines appeared at Area 51

The Big Brain's International Lab 51 is known as the Skyscraper Roof Lab or Area 51. 

What strange new things are happening at Area 51? There are several things we are unable to identify in the region. Ignoring the unknown, Area 51 is the name of the Big Brain's Skyscraper Roof Laboratory and Observatory at TR. This is a direct adjunct to the main Transient Lab in Taiwan.

This is the Taiwan skyscraper roof lab, also known as the Roof Observatory Lab 51 and referred to as Area 51. Area 51 is where new space crafts are flown, tested, launched and landed, and aerial surveillance photos are conducted.

Area 51: Sun & aerial view below
The Lab is a supplement and spinoff to the International Transition lab. Work includes study of planets, i,e, Venus Transit, use as a full astronomical observatory, programs with astronomical imaging of selected events, serves as a lookout post, monitors weather changes, records limiting magnitude and transparency changes, serves as an atmospheric monitoring observatory, covers celestial events, sunspot study, telescope testing and use, terrestrial experiments in transparency,  opacity, humidity, temperature, distance, testing & measuring for new programs and devices, and conducting experiments, work as a pollution monitoring station, heavy with experiments regrading atmospheric pollution as a character selection filter, and studies primarily with the Moon and planets plus special events.