Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jupiter Venus Conjunction Widens


Along with more stars and the return of another UFO!

All observations made at Humanoido Lab Number 50.

Wednesday July 25th 2012 3:53:18 am

Clear skies returned this morning to reveal the stunning Jupiter Venus Aldebaran conjunction above the Taipei 101 skyscraper.

The event was double spectacular as another UFO buzzed the surrounding sky for a short time. This time, the UFO made a wide sweeping pass and did not appear to land behind the Skyscraper 101 as some UFOs did in the past. It's believed some type of landing strip is located there, although it was confirmed that the conventional airport is located in another direction.
The earlier time at 3:53:18 revealed a darker sky and more stars, thus showing constellations Taurus the Bull and Auriga with the bright star Capella (to the left) more clearly. The small cluster of stars located about three fourths of the way toward the top is the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters. In the photo with trailed star images, clearly the elongation of the UFO follows the path of a different angle.

The favorite imaging settings for this type of view are Program, ISO 1,600, 2 EV, f/2, no zoom, 1-second exposure, 1064 x 1600 727K image format with AWB in JPEG setting. A 28mm lens was used for this hand held shot. The first photo does not show the UFO.

The second image shows the UFO located directly above the 101 Tower. It appears elongated or saucer shaped on its North-bound trek. Numerous images were obtained showing the object moving across the sky.

Photos have no guiding from the hand-held camera. To capture these images, the author must hang out of the skyscraper several hundred feet above the open ground to avoid the building obstruction to the south. The entire process is a bit risky but result in very good images. Pieces of the this obstruction are visible in some photos at the right side.

The third photograph shows the unidentified object changing position again, moving from right to left. This shows the elongation of the object most clearly as the stars are not trailed. Photos were pre-processed with Apple iPhoto using enhancements: Exposure, Definition, Sharpness, and De-noise. The fourth photo shows another UFO change in position towards the North.

The final photo shows an enlargement of the UFO with saucer shape and a plume appearance directly to the top. The visual view of the craft exhibited some noted red color lights at times, not seen here in this photo.