Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Search for UFO Origins

Airbus a380 and a Boeing 747

REASEARCH conducted in the Big Brain UFO Project to identify Wednesday's UFO Flying Saucer sighting and imagery has yielded surprising results! What is the plausible reason for such anomalies surrounding one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world? What is the magnetic appearing attraction to this object structure that often rises into the clouds?

The stock photo comparison shown here identifies the Airbus a380 with a Boeing 747 jet airliner. At just the right angle of either front-on or rear view, the shape concurs with that of yesterday's UFO sighting.

UFO sighting
Due to the proximity of the Taipei International Airport, being located to the East, in a direction behind Taipei 101, it's very likely the object seen moving across the field of view is a landing "human" aircraft, although we cannot be 100% certain.

Don't be too disappointed - reports of surmised Alien food requirements involving human delicacies and even Alien Autopsy (performed on humans) has risen steadily in recent years and we believe it's still best to maintain a low profile with any connections to airborne anomalies.

Top left aircraft with saucer appearance
Further, there is an entire contention pool who believe it's in our best interests not to send out our location maps on deep space craft or transmit our location coordinates with large radio telescopes, lest the listening ear may be a hungry, angry, aggressive alien civilization just looking for trouble.