Thursday, July 12, 2012

UFOs Return on Astro Night

Friday July 13th 2012 

The skies of Taiwan always have something fantastic to offer! Early this morning before the sun rose, the Big Brain was observing numerous celestial events and suddenly the UFO "Flying Saucers" began to return in force. Essentially, one after another traversed the night sky in various flight patterns near Taipei 101. Also in the news, China said they saw UFOs too! Is this some global event? But first, let's look at a flying craft closeup preview, then move on to some of the astronomical studies going on.

LEFT: Friday July 13th, 2012
UFOs of varying size, and at least one craft with lights, dot the sky on the night of July 13th 2012. These images were taken of moving aerial craft with swift velocity rates that can be determined from the available sequential image array. The four prints are enlargements of the originals.

Most of these views exhibit lenticular proportions. View one has shape detail and color and appears to have some craft lights. View two has the familiar saucer shape with a possible array of lower lights encircling the craft. View three has a more edge on appearance and view four appears as a top down photo indicating angular tilting towards the camera.

Lunar Phase Program
Friday July 13th, 2012
This event marks another addition to the Lunar Phase Program, conducted by the Big Brain. The inclusion is a series of astro images of the crescent Moon beginning at 2:19 am local Taipei time on Friday July 13th, 2012, with the photo shown taken at 2:23:32 am. This is a 15X combined optical and digital zoom image corrected for exposure. This helps complete the crescent lunar phases around the time of Last Quarter. Imaged with the Big Brain CCD Eye, a Canon S95 CCD imager

Refractive Moon-Light in Atmospheric Water Vapor
Friday July 13th, 2012
The color effects of light reflected from the Moon by the Sun and being refracted into the atmosphere's high concentration of water vapor was captured at 2:21:16 am. This study's objective is to quantify the level of water vapor in the lower atmosphere and relate it to astronomical viewing. The humidity level follows a type of gradient and varies from night to night, thus effecting astronomical imaging of selected objects and other sky factors such as seeing and transparency, horizon extinction gradient, and zenith predictors. The purpose of the study is to secure an astro image for analysis and both qualitative and quantitative analysis that can lead to better and greater prediction of sky conditions.

Venus 101 Emergence Experiment
Sequential Venus 101 Emergence
3:20:01 am July 15th 2012
Friday July 13th, 2012
At 3:13:18 am local Taipei time, the event had not begun. This interesting celestial event was clearly visible at 3:17:01 am when Venus made an appearance, emerging from the right South East directional side of 101. In the photo, Venus is the big white dot at the right side of Taipei 101 skyscraper. The event began with the most subtle hint of brightness to the side of 101 as early as 3:13:47 am, 3:14:03 am, 3:14:14 am, 3:14:29 am,  3:14:45 am, and 3:15:04 am on Friday July 13th 2012. The captured astro image image sequence continued at 3:17:01, 3:17:14, 3:17:39, 3:17:54, 3:18:13, 3:18:47, 3:19:25, 3:19:35, and 3:19:52. At 3:20:01 am (see photo) Venus was fully emerged from 101 and the sequence was terminated. The event spanned a little over 6 minutes. This experiment confirms the heavy water humidity content in the air creating a bending light refracting lens effect as Venus emerged slowly over a period of minutes and did not suddenly appear. Sixteen images were acquired after the pre-event image as Venus slowly emerged from the side of Taipei 101, from 3:13:47 to 3:20:01 lasting 6 minutes 14 seconds.

Venus-Jupiter-Aldebaran Conjunction
Friday July 13th, 2012
The first conjunction photo of Venus-Jupiter-Aldebaran was taken at 4:03:43 am. The bright object at the top is Jupiter. Below, the brightest object is Venus. To the upper right of Venus is the star Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus the Bull and part of the Hyades star cluster. Refer to previous blogs that follow this conjunction during every clear available night.

The First Flying Saucer
Friday July 13th, 2012
At 3:13:18 am on Friday the 13th of 2012, the first saucer appeared very close to the right side of 101 at the South East side and was captured in a single photo. The wide field image shows the UFO as a single dot. By the time the next image was taken at 3:13:47 am, the unidentified flying object had completely vanished.

The Second Flying Saucer
Friday July 13th, 2012
Things remained calm until suddenly at 4:04:07 am a Flying Saucer appeared from the South Eastern direction moving towards 101.

This is the most comprehensively photographed UFO of the night, including other series on the previous night of activity.

Additional images were taken of the craft at 4:04:14, 4:04:27, 4:04:49, 4:05:01, 4:05:13, and by 4:05:31 it had vanished behind 101 never to reappear. Refer to the sequence of small images to determine the rate of descent and landing based on relative positioning.

These aerial events don't last long. From the time the UFO appeared (4:04:17 am) to the time it disappeared (4:05:31 am) only 1 minute and 14 seconds elapsed.

All images were seen with the Big Brain's new digital CCD eye, a Canon S95 with its f/2 lens and processed with the right side of the Big Brain using 724 processors.


The Third Flying Saucer
Friday July 13th, 2012
Things went back to calm until 4:12:24 am another craft appeared from the South East direction moving again towards 101. At 4:13:08 it was approaching 101. At 4:13:19 it was very near 101, almost occultated, and this was the final photo in the sequence. This craft had a very steep measurable rate of decent. Note that each craft is flagged as a number episode to track the fleet. Numerous sitings are tagged by event time in a sequence.