Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big Brain Fish


Sometimes nature beats you to it. These big brain fish evolved through nature in natural waters off the coast of a place a little too close to the Centrum Nuclear Reactor, where it's rich with big varieties of brainiac thinking fish and now they found residence in the front port of a clear glass aquarium. What is he thinking?

 You can tell by the eyes. He's pausing to take in all thought by looking at you and sending out his telepathic and empathic thought waves. If you didn't get the message, it's your fault for being so stupid, er... at least that's what he's thinking. These fish are so smart, they represent a quantum leap of quirky evolutionary time scale. How do we know? It's written in the tell-tale sign above the eyebrows near the wrinkled forehead protrusions. Clearly it indicates the formula for extended time. Plus, they leave markings in the sea bed sand that look a lot like Calculus and Integral symbols. Alas, how do you communicate with such witty independent residents of a watery world? Hint: the incentive is small wiggly brine shrimp and ask it nicely.

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