Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Big Brain Reclassification

The Big Brain is being reclassified with an official origin dating to 2002 when the first brain was designed and built with Parallax processors. The following decade saw a continual upward spiral of more powerful brains with the use of more processors and a changeover to a new multi-core chip.

The first historical brain was built inside a humanoid robot to control arms, legs, head and torso. The Humanoid Brain HB series had up to five processors initially, built with OEM kits and other boards. Starting with one processor, others were added step by step. These processors were experimental in function, and the first parallel systems were built using a one wire party line interface.

Each processor was a time shared collection of simplistic neurons. Each simplistic neuron represented one input or output. While all processors could compute in parallel, communications was in serial. Early processors were single core, however the first brains created held up to five core processors that followed rules of talk and listen with master and slaves. This later progressed to independents where each processor was treated individually. There was no concept of chip enhancement at that time and processor numbers, although relatively low by today's Big Brain project standards, were huge and climbed above 20 with the BSS machine brain.

One goal of the Reclassification Project is to list each brain, the number of processors, and the date in operation for statistical data plots. This blog will serve as a data collection point for this enormous project. The Genealogy Project has listed names of brains and the number of chips. This data must be used to extrapolate the dates of operation and the number of processors that were in effect. This will be an ongoing project and will eventually "catch up" to current day where it could be maintained.

Data includes: Processor Name, No. Chips, No. Processors and Date Operational

Humanoid Toddler V1            001 BS2  001      00001
Humanoid Toddler V2            001 PSC  001      00001

Humanoid Can Man V1            001 BS2  001      00001
Humanoid Can Man V2            002 BS2  002      00002
Humanoid Can Man V3            003 BS2  003      00003
Humanoid Can Man V5            005 BS2  005      00005
Tertiary Adjunct 01 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 02 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 03 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 04 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 05 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 06 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 07 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 08 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 09 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 10 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 11 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 12 of 12
Tertiary Brain                 014 Prop   112       112
Intermediate Tertiary Adjunct  008 Prop

Tertiary 20                    020 Prop   160
BASIC Stamp Supercomputer      020 BS2    020       020
TriCore Stamp Supercomputer    003 BS1    003       003

to be continued...