Saturday, September 15, 2012

Inner Space Program


If you noticed, the Big Brain is introducing a number of objects, machines, processes, concepts, designs and tools inside the chip. A new Era has already begun inside the chip.

This formulates the inner space of the chip and prepares it for a grand exploration.

THE BIG BRAIN has explored Micro Space, Near Space, Outer Space and Ultra Space. These space programs continue today. However, there is definitely one space program left relatively unexplored. One that holds treasures and wealth and strange exotic new enigmas existing in levels beyond the human mind. Welcome to the new worlds of Inner Space!

Just as the macro universe of outer space has stars, galaxies and planets to explore, the realm of inner space has all new things that mankind has not yet begun to fully utilize or understand. It's a grand adventure that requires tools and machines of the trade, nano technology, and even ships to traverse the great wonders of the nano world inside the chip!

Just take a look at some of the strange new objects that exist and are being designed and developed to explore inner space.

But all of this is nothing like one has ever experienced before. The grand "star" ships are nano elements that exist only within the interior boundaries of inner space found inside the chip. Just as the universe of outer space has boundaries of space and time and relativistic effects, so does the inner realm of Inner Space have its own special dimensional boundaries of matrices, elemental bits, grand extreme siliconic stuctures rising up from strange new substrates, dancing particles of charges like stars in motion, and electrical charge fields not unlike the vast glowing hydrogen fields of interstellar dust and matter splayed across the seemingly endless cosmic domain.

This ushers in a new space program by the Big Brain, one that holds great promise, great rewards, great benefits, and the ultimate excitement in the grand exploration of Inner Space.