Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nano Goop

Nano Goop, or nanotechnological material is, according to the Big Brain's initiative, a nanoscopic material which may be employed to create nano machine elements and nano machines and nano objects inside the chip. Nano Goop is used to invent nano objects. Nano Goop, or NG, can be created most readily with software using reference hardware building blocks already existing inside the chip.

Nanotechnological - the technology surrounding nano devices
Nano Goop - nanoscopic material used to create nano devices
Nanoscopic - refers to the measure realm of nano technology
Nano Objects -  objects of nano size within the chip
Nano Devices - nano sized/measured objects, tools, materials
Nano Size (Time) - measurements from 1 to 100 ns to at least one side
Nano Size (Length) - measure of 1 to 100 nm to at least one side
NS - nanosecond
NM - nanometer
NG - nanogoop