Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MGT Molecular Genius Telescope

Big Brain’s New Paradigmic Molecular Genius Telescope MGT
The New MGT Molecular Genius Telescope
The union of the MAC Molecular Amp Cascader, borrowed technology from the GMM Genius Molecular Microscope, and now reworked for pipe fitting atop the PGT Telescope, introduces the all new telescope - the MGT Molecular Genius Telescope.

-- the MGT Telescope is the most powerful telescope ever created by the Big Brain Space program ---

 You’ve obviously enjoyed seeing the spectacular views taken through the new massive PGT telescope. This telescope has bridged across billions of light light years towards the edge of the Universe. One behind the scenes technique machine used to increase the gains returned from the PGT is the Molecular Stage Cascader MSC. The Molecular Cascader, also referred to as the Microscopy Amplifier Cascader when on the GMM Microscope, is a machine device used on the GMM Microscope to apply cascading stages of amplification (AMP) which results in dramatic and vast increases of power (MAG), (GAIN) and (IM) image scale. THE PGT Telescope is now born, expanded to include the GMM's (Genius Molecular Microscope) Molecular Stage Cascader MSC to (AMP) and zoom in highly detailed portions of a wide FOV Cosmic View. This rides atop the telescopic ocularic section for input amplification and permits highly detailed magnified power enlargement of selected areas much like the results obtained from refinement stages within the GMM.

-- The MGT Telescope is the largest of its type in the world and known space --

For more information about the GMM Microscope, the Microscopy Amplifier Cascader, and the operational diagram details, refer to: