Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interface Molecular Stage Cascader & PGT Telescope

Interface a Molecular Stage Cascader to the New PGT Telescope

Hooking Up the Molecular Stage Cascader MSC
to the PGT Telescope
The Experiment - It’s an exciting and original bold experiment to attach the new created Molecular Stage Cascader atop the PGT Telescope (within and above the base data train) and view the first incoming results and the spectacular effects never seen before. What strange new worlds will be revealed in this new emerged world macrocosm? What creatures of the telescope honed ultimate deep will emerge? Will new previously invisible life forms living sub stratas make their presence known? The answers to all these questions can be answered by installing the MSC. The permanent use of the new MSC now ushers in a new age of telescopes. This creates a type of Molecular PGT Telescope or MPGT Molecular Paradigmic Genius Telescope. The name is shortened to MGT Molecular Genius Telescope.

"The first test will obtain a baseline data set and create a specific strip FOV and engage the MSC on a selected regio. We will leave the MSC running in the AMP Cascading mode for fourteen cycles and then create a comparison pool noting the gains. The interest is in the number of cascations possible without the result of empty MAG. Some peak number will result from which the machine will tune."