Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Universe Theory


Continual work on projects with the Cosmos and the Universe, by Big Brain and Humanoido, has led to a remarkable postulation: a new Theory of the Universe. The theory connects the Edge of the Universe to a Quantumverse door which can open under special conditions.

The Universe theory connects the Quantum to the Exo through space and time

At the Quantum level, there is Dark Matter in the Universe and beyond that connects and binds the Universe and the beyond together. The new Universe theory connects the positions and boundary limits of Space Time from the limit extinction near the EOU cosmic boundary Edge of Universe (the birthing edge) and into the Exo Space (beyond the birthing edge prior to birthing) and Time (up to current time, astronomers and physicists are unable to break through
(into Exo Space) prior to the Universe' age which dates back to the birth of time and space) with the Relativistic Quantum Cosmos of its Space Time. Opening the door to the Quantumverse will connect Quantum Space to Exo Space. Thus far, physicists have opened the Quantum door but are not able to step through with current limits of technology. This is a Time Line and Dimensional Temporal Connection. More details, including the Temporal Flux, are in the works as experimental processes will be devised and mathematical treatises will ensue. Quantum Space, the substance or glue of Dark Matter, is the key to understanding the origins of the Universe and circumnavigating details of the Quantumverse and of Exo Space. The Big Brain project has explored seven types of space and has now entered into exploration projects with the remaining two - Quantum Space and the Exo Space. Copyright (c) Humanoido and the Big Brain.