Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thought Processing Dimension


Now, for the first time, the Big Brain can explore the Universe with Space, Time and Thought - the Fifth Dimension!

What can you do with thought - the fifth dimension? Unlike the implementation of standard image processing, TELESCOPIC PARADIGMIC LIGHT is achieved by the invention of the added dimension of Thought - referred to here as Thought Processing.

Heretofore, old methods of processing which used computers and software, which lacked methods of AI intelligence and acted upon FOVs in "across the board" applications, are not the primary engine within the domains of Telescopic Paradigmic Light machine. PL now engages Thought Processing for a high level of ascertainment.

Thought Processing as applied in this manner is a new concept and will take the massive Paradigmic Genius Telescope and the Big Brain beyond limits imposed by standard imaging of the Universe. It goes beyond factors only related to a machine's sensors. It adds to the dimensions of space and time. Now the Big Brain, with the tools of massive giant telescopes like the Paradigmic Genius Telescope, and the amazing Genius Molecular Microscope can explore new worlds with dimensions of space, time and thought. 

Thought Processing does not use chemicals of film processing or electronics for image processing as its sole engine, but rather a thought and thinking inference engine to find, locate, and ascertain the nature of the edge of light limits in a given data set of "astronomical observational results from deep space."

Thought, and other elements of thought engagement as applied to space time, can result from a machine process or a human process. This process can be applied automated or manual. Both methods, one or the other, are perfectly suitable. In processing, a thought element can apply a determination. In the example of PL, the determination applies to the dimmest magnitude star in the FOV. Due to the variation in the background base, variations in background noise, uneven bases, spurious elements, and other anomolies, TP will excel in this area. Therefore the power of thought, as applied to Paradigmic Light, is a very powerful tool. Combining thought with these dimensions of space and time can further impact a study not only in Ultra Space, but for scientific experiments here on Earth.

Thought Processing can be applied to not only TPL but rather a large range of other applications pertaining to the methods and techniques used in exploration of new realms.