Sunday, December 2, 2012

Big Brain City Transport

Can a multi hybrid urban Emcycle design hold a very large Brain?

We don't know why exactly but the Big Brain is seeking a means of transportation in the big city and looking to create some methodical city urban transport.

This is possibly for an autonomous application or perhaps to more readily find local parts for the needs of a scientific brain conducting experiments.

The transport could also assist in initiatives that construct various scientific projects, and research. It could simply supply the day to day needs of a hungry Big Brain. Whatever it's up to, it looks very interesting.

Follow along as this project unfolds into something that could affect the future of personal transports!

1st step: tiny blueprint
The first step was the research initiative that has comprehensively explored the designs of tens of thousands of cars, motorcycles, scooters, bikes, trikes, flying machines, skateboards, and alternate transport vehicles. Included in this study are future designs, artistic visions and far thinking hybrids. A hybrid may be a half mix of car and bike. The Emcycle design, for example, is part motorcycle, part tricycle, and part car. The trike design employs a third wheel with two wheels in a side by side config. This takes up considerable space on pathways with some obstructions, compared to inline transporting, so we're saying this design is only one possible reference for study.

Three wheeled city transport design looks interesting
What criteria should a personal transport vehicle include? This is a rather large question. The answer to this varies depending on the local laws and conditions, and the needs and requirements of the intended purpose.

Some climates are mild year round and some have fierce winters. Some cities are highly congested and some less populated areas are less crowed. This will dramatically affect the designs. Here's the base list of criteria established by the Big Brain Urban Transport Initiative.

Small car steering: wheel, joystick, handle bar
LEFT: Concept car design shows suggested interior

The interior layout may end up with a completely different design, especially in the cargo area and sizing proportions. A design this small would likely have significant changes, with steering located in the center, for example.

Note the bottom pedals for human power. Spartan doors open upwards to enable access within minimal space environments. Each door has a reason for being open on the bottom, to facilitate human feet to protrude and access the manual human-powered pedals.

  • Safe
  • Good visibility to other traffic
  • Craft has a cargo area
  • Keyed use of sporting canvas construction
  • Vehicle space fits human & Big Brain
  • Small transport
  • Appealing in shape, design, appearance
  • Very narrow footprint to increase mobility
  • Multi-operation: sidewalk, bike trail, street, path, park
  • Electric driven with Green matter propulsion
  • Wheeled
  • Take away portions for added security
  • Folds for storage & shipping
  • Transforms from one shape to another
  • Operates with human power or electricity
  • Multi-axis shock absorbers
  • Body protects against sun, wind, rain
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Low power LED lighting interior & exterior
  • Light weight: Ultra light construction
  • Battery pack reserve
  • Alternative hybrid propulsion
  • Low cost and affordable to the masses
  • Multiple hybrid designs
  • Fast recharging
  • Self contained recharging system
  • Good range and speed for urban use
  • Minimal to maintain
  • Maintained by existing infrastructures
  • Dual braking system
  • Control panel
  • Front & rear lights 
  • Safety reflectors
  • Multi & rear view system
  • Keyed safety ignition 
  • Parks inside the home or outside
  • All weather vehicle
  • Most terrain vehicle, dirt, asphalt, sidewalk concrete, grass
  • Navigates steep inclines with multi-power assist
  • Fits into elevator
  • Parks in tiny places, with bike designated zones
  • Compatible with many country laws describing bicycles
  • Solar Cell Panel on-the-fly trickle charger
  • Cooling fan
  • Removable roof and panels
  • Added comfort package
  • Carpeting
  • Sound proofing
  • Long range options
  • On hand tool kit
  • Audio sound system
  • Special effects system
  • MP3, iTunes, Net Radio, USB
  • Ventillation reveal
  • Added rain guards & directors 
  • Splash guards for mud
  • Torrential downpour guides
  • Electronic horn
  • Sensor options instrument package/ GPS etc. 
  • Selective Stored Navigation emaps
  • Surrounding electronic mirrors
  • Internal vehicle programmable computer chip
  • Netbook Portable Laptop (removable)
  • Real time operations security recorder CAM
  • Internet
  • Language Translator
  • Real time weather system
  • Global communications, email, chat, voice, video, conference
  • Notes recorder
  • Calculator
  • Converter (Currency, Length, Weight, Distance)
  • Satellite access for weather maps
  • Google maps for navigation