Saturday, January 12, 2013

Big Brain Car

Future car inside a skyscraper?

INSTALLMENT PART ONE: THEY SAY IF YOU LIVE LONG ENOUGH you will be transported into the future. The Big Brain intelligent machine has lived long enough to make its own future, with fantastic projects that see invisible nanite machines, microscopically probe invisible molecular structures, peer out to the unknown doorways of the Universe's beginning, and work with the deep mysteries within the realm of hidden Quantum worlds.

Wheel or no wheel?
If you thought Dark Matter in the Universe was mind boggling ... the Big Brain is noted for constructing machines that no one ever dreamed about, such as the GT Telescope made from recycled adjuncts in space, the Quadlyzer Quantum Analyzer and the GMM Molecular Microscope. One may ask, "What next?" This blog details the startling answer to that question.

NOW ENTER THE YEAR 2013 - WITH BIG BRAIN'S DESIGNS POURING IN, A NEW transportation device is being built by the Big Brain Initiative, which is unlike any previous vehicle known. This futuristic car can help save the World with its zero carbon footprint, no CO2 emissions and complete absence of fossil fuel use. It's energy is remarkably efficient, completely renewable through safe, benign and even free natural sources.

Mechanics or not?
No longer will we make trips to the gas station and pay the high prices demanded by the oil monopoly. No longer will we contribute to the destruction of the Earth's atmosphere or experience the horrendous increases in global warming. Why should we put up with terrible toxins in the air that cause millions of cases of lung cancer every month, cause melting polar caps resulting in rising sea levels that flood our coastlines and kill our oceanic life and coastal population, create increasing force levels and frequencies of hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, and unstable Earth atmosphere, and the unending rise of unbearable heat across the world that threatens the very existence of our civilization. This is too much to bear for us and for our children and for future societies. Now we have an opportunity to do something about it.

Here is an affordable fun space age car, that you can make yourself with a little DIY finesse and pocket change, or perhaps buy a finished product, or maybe print a copy out on your 3D printer -  and you can drive it home and keep it in your house or small apartment - no garage needed.

Aware of the new small housing movement? Individuals are now constructing their own small homes and avoiding mortgage payments and becoming more independent, even living off the grid with complete self sufficiency.

Compared to the large hog vehicles currently on the road, the Big Brain's car is 16.8 times smaller in volume and hundreds of times more efficient. It has an unprecedented level of safety built in and is being pruned toward a new safe method of utilizing infrastructure. Maintenance on the space age car craft is almost non-existent, i.e. simply not necessary - no oil changes, no tuneups, and no fluid levels to maintain.

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future car to be continued...