Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cold Talk Emergence

ASIA 2013 -- It's now possible to talk on your cell phone to someone who's cold, i.e. not warm flesh and blood.

Smart phones now have their own version of an electronic assist device. One can carry on a conversation known as a cold talk, with one of these purely electronic artificial intelligence devices. There's simply no warm human at the other end of the conversation. Add yet another reason for being occupied with your cell phone. On this day, groves of people were everywhere glued to their cell phones. This photo was snapped during a traffic survey. It's unsure how long this group was motionless, with only moving fingers and standing in exactly the same position. They appear to be shoppers, at one time, at the Rose. But when they emerged, they suddenly fell victim to a trance-like stance, in the standard cell phone coma position. Could this be the beginning of a new cell phone zombie era? As smart phones become smarter on their way up, are users of smart phones on their way down?