Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year 2013 Spectacular

Creative pinwheel by Taiwan Masters is spectacular!

You've never seen Taipei 101 like this before!!! - Welcome to Taiwan!!!

This year, Taiwan officials in charge of managing New Years fireworks at Taipei 101, one of the tallest sky scraper buildings in the world, came back with a spectacular display of fireworks, one so great - it defied the imagination!

The display solved the challenges from an earlier year when the great fireworks and amazing choreography ended up producing smoke which rose from the ground level upwards, and blocked out some of the fantastic fireworks shot and launched from the side of the 101 building.

Today, the new millions of dollars display, seen by crowds of millions of people at ground level, was ever more spectacular. Obvious visuals included perfect timing and position, as fireworks launched outwards in patterns with synchronization where the smoke quickly dissipated. The breeze was also cooperative and the weather was perfect, the brilliant Moon high in the sky to prove the excellent conditions.

For the multi-days holiday, it appeared that pollution completely vanished when the island's manufacturing plants, and possibly those located in Mainland China, shut down.

PHOTO 1 Take a look at our most spectacular introduction photo. Look carefully and closely about two thirds of the way up, in the center, where you'll see the dimly glowing two Chinese characters proclaiming New Year good luck. How this was master-minded so perfectly is beyond belief!

 photo 2
Nothing burned down, not like what happened in Mainland China the other year when a new skyscraper completely burned out, a fire caused by the abundance of amateur lit fireworks during Chinese New Year!

Taiwan is very regulated during the Gregorian Calendar's New Year and has a climate that's always damp and humid which helps create an evironment rather perfect for launching fireworks.

 photo 4
 photo 3
Note the creative pinwheel, Christmas Tree, spirals, colors and other remarkable shapes and displays, with impeccable calculated timing, spread, position, color, duration, intensity, contrast, and backed by a literal textbook of mathematics in motion producing great fireworks stature so precise that no one could have expected such spectacular results this year!

 photo 5
 photo 6
These are definitely good luck photos as my clock was 20 minutes early due to a run down battery. When I turned on the TV, fortunately I saw there was a countdown with only 24 seconds left to the New Years beginning.

 photo 7
 photo 8
I had to run and hurry to start up the camera. Unfortunately I had yet to take a movie with the new camera and could not find the setting. However, the still images still turned out great, imo, even though I had to brave the cold, standing outside on the deck in only PJs.

 Photo 9: A burst of green color
 photo 10

This deck has served as a platform for taking a few astronomical photos of star fields and selected objects (see previous blogs), and the brick building side was a good steady base when I remembered to use it.

Photo 2 shows the shape of a big Christmas Tree.

Photo 3 is one of the most spectacular with intermixed colors and shapes, which are glowing and scintillating beyond belief.

Photo 4  is a mind meld of real time spinning motion from bottom to top of 101, with a special rotating messages display (seen towards the top). This may also periodically show advertising sponsor messages and graphics. It took special processing to bring out the delicate contrast of these characters that were located behind the blazing fire and brimstone!

Photo 5 demonstrates the pinpoint accuracy of the charge placement.

Photo 6 shows a simultaneous multi-color display of spectacular proportions with parallel launching arches.

Photo 7 To see this spinning around, like a dazzling toy top in real time, is magnificent.

Photo 8 is the proprietor of many discretely placed fireworks charges all along 101 from bottom to top.

Photo 9 is an example of erupting color - a green mix predominance unlike anything seen before at Taipei 101.

Photo 10 is a final shot showing the 101 building as it appears to glow hot beneath the rising smoke after the fireworks had ended.

 Photo 10: Taipei 101 looks hot & molten after fireworks!