Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Electric Bike

Giant LaFree ebike with PAP & VSC

New inventions open the door to new transportation...

Tired of buying and maintaining very expensive automobiles and paying the rising cost of expensive gasoline? Tired of going through the time consuming and stress creating steps of getting a license (written test, eye test, driving test, vehicle plates, registration, etc.) and paying all the rising costs of licensing? Do you really want to pay that expensive required auto insurance and renew it every 6 months or annually? Is the city traffic becoming increasingly dangerous and annoying, and you'd like an extra margin of safety? Would you like to stop burning fossil fuels and stop contributing to global warming and the demise of the Earth? Here is one city solution - the electric ebike!

WHY the eBIKE?
The bike has many advantages. It's small footprint can ride almost anywhere. In a recent Big Brain Initiative survey in Taiwan, it was found the ebike can traverse over roads and streets, sidewalks, bike trails, drip paths, parking lots, pathways, and the alley in between skyscrapers. It can park in most places, exempt from parking tickets. The bike is also minimally wide, as determined by the distance from foot pedal to foot pedal. This is only about 16-inches for the EA-201 model.

For city travel, the electric bike is almost like a car with far more advantages than disadvantages. In most locations, it does not require licensing or tests and in some places no registration. It does not need a drivers license and no trips to the gas station to fill up on fossil fuel. It's quiet and convenient. It parks inside the home for safekeeping and outside it does not get parking tickets. The ebike does the pedaling for you, with the option to manually pedal without any assist.

Electric bikes are simply charged with electricity. Modern electricity is clean, derived from wind, solar, nuclear and hydro sources. Compared to the cost of gasoline, it costs only a few pennies for a charge that can often go 40km distance.

The new Lithium battery is a far step above the old lead acid batteries. The new battery has no memory problems and can be topped off with a charge at any time. It can deep cycle and store for longer periods of time without use. It can have more capacity and drive the ebike to farther distances. It charges faster and it weighs less. Since a lithium battery can cost as much as half the cost of the bike, it can be removed for safekeeping or charging at another location.

Modern electric bikes are a new breed in technology. The latest invention includes a combination of PAP and VSC. PAP is Power Assisted Pedaling. 

The bike in general has a sweet spot for speed. Go too slow and balance is lost. Go too fast and dangers result - people and vehicles cannot see the small footprint bike so easily and accidents can happen. A combination is recommended, depending on the conditions - pedal the bike, walk the bike, engage the motor.

Keeping your ebike secure is a priority. The ebike can be locked to fences, bike racks, trees, large signs and tall posts, and even by itself if you can keep one eye on it. The most security is just to keep it with you at all times. We recommend four different locking devices for the two wheels. Try using tractor chains, with large enough links where it will not be easy to cut with a large cutters or grind through. By having different locks and methods, it would take a thief more time to abscond with your property and maybe pass it by for an easier target. On rule is never park your bike in the same place twice. Another idea is to take the battery with you as it represents up to half the cost of the bike. Other factors are important too, i.e. the weight of the bike, when and where it's parked, and its visibility relative to the expense of other surrounding bikes.

A Giant bike is a brand name bike built with quality. For example, the new EA-201 ebike models come with 3-speeds, a dual kickstand, front 36V motor drive, Lithium battery, charger, PAP & VSC, horn, front headlight, rear red reflector, rear luggage rack, front vegetable basket, seat cover, inline wheel reflectors, and a promotion for a bike helmet and large keyed U-Bolt lock.

You won't need many extras but the following are recommended: Rear view mirror, folding tool with hex wrenches, padlocks & chains, waterproof saddlebag, bungee cords, raincoat.