Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PGT-ET Telescope Analyzer Head

Recommendations are made by project-following scientists to create a telescopic analyzer head for several purposes, that would more define the amount of penetration into the object (Depth Penetrate) and establish a definition for the vantage perspective position (Perspect) relative to the object's walls, interior, rotation, or other spatial reference (XY) of the penetrating beam's collection image.
One preliminary idea is the construct of a "standard telescope" image showing the selected object with various references, points, arrows, angles, boxes, rectangles, circles, etc. used to define and point out the the PGT-ET's position, orientations, points of penetration, entry and exit points, resting points, and observational vantages.

In its simplest form, the Analyzer Head can mark the reference image taken with a smaller telescope. Until the AH is in full operation, we will use a verbal or written AH to denote parameters.

The verbal and written AH is now replaced with a simple graphical version. In the three photos from right to left, the squares show the progression of increased object image scale and resolution from successive imaging of the same object.