Friday, April 12, 2013

PGT-ET Telescope Sees New Stars

The Giant PGT-ET Telescope's FOV is blinded by the number of stars in the Doradus system.

This unexpected black and white test image shows a blinding number of stars and cosmic matter captured with the new PGT-ET Telescope. The majority of the stars are of dim magnitude however the vast aperture of the telescope makes each an over exposed image!

The powerful telescope, in a series of discovery images, has used its great light gathering power to bring forth the unexpected. These are stars at a great distance brought out by the telescope. In between stars is a nebulosity of interstellar dust, matter and gas, made bright by the very large telescope which is capable of gathering and collecting great amounts of light. Also visible is dark nebula matter and a clustering of brighter stars. There's so many new stars, we don't know where to begin in cataloging and classifying.

New discovery stars may have spot checks against the 10-million object star catalog and other database sources in visual operating modes.

Guiding and tracking of this massive scope relative to these distant stars and star systems are spot on, attributable to developments, refinements, and experiences gained from previous Adjunctive telescopes (ULT, NULT, GT, PGT).