Thursday, May 16, 2013

First Light GGT Gargantuan GravAtomic Telescope

The powerful GGT Telescope looks inside a Black Hole using its new GravAtomic sensors to see distortions of time and space caused by intensive gravitational forces.

We are proud to announce the full functioning of the new GravAtomic Telescope GGT. 

The new GGT Telescope has produced spectacular mind-numbing results, far greater than anything expected, outstripping our best dreams!

This telescope is capable of looking beyond Event Horizons, towards the great depth of Singularities, into Gravity Wells, and through the strange distortions of space time.

After the invention, design and construction of the new GGT Telescope, which has become the most powerful in the Adjunctive series of telescopes, there was a time lag before First Light as the new GravAtomic Actuator was installed and then calibrated on Black Holes.

Some nice new features of this GravAtomic Class telescope include a new OW Observational Window, EPN Electric Post-it Notes, GravAtomic Actuator, iconic representations of the Big Brain Supercomputer, Molecular, GravAtomic, Power Dynamic, Warning, Sizer, Flanking Data, and Positioners.