Friday, June 21, 2013

Propeller Mini Microcontroller

The Propeller Mini by Parallax is a tiny but powerful microcontroller computer with 8 cores and a very small footprint.

A tiny .81 x 1.52-inches

The current $24.99 cost is the same as a Proto Board, the lowest cost complete Propeller board offered by Parallax at this time. The footprint is about the same size as BASIC Stamp module.

The Propeller chip is the heart of the Big Brain Supercomputer at Humanoido Labs.



  • Propeller P8X32A-M44 multi-core microcontroller 
  • 32KB EEPROM program storage 
  • 5V 1A, 3.3V 400 mA regulators
  • Removable 5 MHz crystal
  • Access to 19 digital I/O
  • 3.3 VDC regulated output @ 400 mA max
  • 5 VDC regulated, 600 mA max
  • Voltage requirement: Regulated 6.5–12 VDC though VIN
  • Dimensions: 0.81 x 1.52 in (20.5 x 38.6 mm)
  • Operating temp range: -40 to +185 °F (-40 to +85 °C)
  •  Prop Plug #32201 is required for programming (not included)
Propeller Mini Product Guide v1.1 (.pdf)
Propeller Mini Schematic (.pdf)