Tuesday, June 18, 2013

USA Ultra Space Administration

The USA Ultra Space Administration is currently maintaining and stretching the power of its semi-cognitive supercomputer known as the Propeller Powered Big Brain which in turn is powering a series of extremely powerful telescopes and radical supporting machines.

The USA is also operating the Ultra Space Program, which is currently exploring Near Space with manned missions.

USA has taken on the study of black holes and created a set of new "monster" machines, radically designed to explore more of the universe and the potentialities that lie within itself and beyond its barrier.

A blog emanating from Humanoido Laboratories is maintained and distributes updates, reports on telescopes and new machines, logs various discoveries, keeps up to date with Ultra Space launches, describes findings from its space program, and lists new discoveries and innovations. It's also become a pool of ideas under development.

Reporting is expanded to include unusual and unexpected topics, suggestions for life and living, dangerous caveats, and items of humorous spin.

Other sections include science, experiments, electronics, programming, inventions and the Parallax Propeller chip.