Friday, August 30, 2013

Brain Knitting

The first pre-brain knitting experiment
The Big Brain Initiative is working on the creation of an evolutionary knitted electronic brain, made from impetus Parallax Propeller microelectronics, that can predetermine its own growth destiny.

In this remarkable one-of-a-kind experimental project, Predetermined Growth Destiny is basically putting together a structural outline of "primordial state" processors and letting the mix evolve into a brain.

Using PGDs, applications could include pre colonization of planets like Mars, growing brains automatically in the lab, evolving the growth of an existing brain, and growing parts for human bodies.

Initially parts grown could conjure a multitude of machines and machine parts as well. The patterns for PGDs would work well with three dimensional printers, knitting new brains in a relatively short period of time.

PGDs could result in armies of brained workers that could do mining on asteroids, explore the Solar System, and interface with conditions that humans would find inhospitable. PGDs could also result in appendage brain concatenations for humans to extend their functions.