Sunday, September 1, 2013

Brain Printing

Printed android head is coming to life: Source MakerBot
3D printers are the new revolution and fast changing the world! It's becoming the Star Trek replicator. You can replicate more than food, more than Picard's favorite Earl Gray Hot, and its likely 3D printers will become part of almost every technology in the near future.

how soon before we can print microprocessors?

When printing evolves to include microprocessors, a boom in machines will spring forth. Why not? Already special materials are capable of being printed, to include human organs. The union of biotech, microtech, and 3D printing will lead to an explosion of new artificial brains.

Printing mech robots: Source thinglab
Already, humanoid robots are climbing the ladder of evo, beginning to serve mankind, performing work duties, and integrating with simple tasks in society. How soon will it be when we can print tens of thousands of workers to grow our food, build our homes and obsolete the necessity for money?

Today, 3D printers can print nearly every mechanical part in a robot, including the printed circuit boards. Every day, new apps are designed for 3D printers.

...Rated by some as the next new renaissance in science and technology, along with the car, the computer, the internet and now the 3D Printer.... 

replicators, coming to a store near you...

Printed leg: human part
Humanoids will print themselves, their own replacement parts, do their own assembly, print their own brains, allowing humans to reach far greater potentials without the concern of money, housing, and transportation.

Things from the future? Advanced strange parts from the best of science fiction? Take a look at the photo below, showing that our dreams about the future can be brought into the current time reality. This is only the beginning.

3D Printing



Advanced printing brings forth a spectacular part from the future: Source MakerBot


Exploding Technology

Star Trek Replicator

Printed Robot