Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Brain Cortex Arrangement Part 7

Home decor and interior decorating is important to the Brain Cortex while living inside the jar.

The arrangement and placement of modules inside the cortex home jar is very important. Proper placement more readily enables battery changes and access to the electronics board for changes and upgrades, facilitates easier wiring, and more effectively routes the jar communications cable. It also creates available real estate for expansions in the future.

Several points are established today.

1) Twelve individual battery holders are mountable closer to the jar's curvature, thus creating more space inside the jar in the center area.

2) Twelve D size cells make up a battery pack. There are of six sets of two batteries to a set. Each set provides 3 volts. Six sets are wired in parallel. One alkaline battery is rated at 12,000 mAh. Two batteries in series have the same rating. Six sets (12 batteries) are rated at 78,000 mAh. At 30 mA drain, this gives 2,600 hours or 108 twenty four hour days of service (about 3.5 months).

3) If rechargeable zinc carbon batteries are used, one battery gives 8,000 mAh. Two batteries in series have the same rating. Six sets (12 batteries) are rated at 48,000 mAh. At 30 mA drain, this gives 1,600 hours or 66.7 twenty four hour days of service (about 2 months).

4) The jar bottom will have a circular desiccator plate attached by a center bolt with a wing nut for removal. It's smaller diameter must not interfere with any of the battery holders.

5) Both solar panel and mother board are mounted onto rectangular pieces of trans board (polymer transparent plastic). Brass spacers connect the transboard to the interior jar.

6) A small manual thermometer will be placed inside the jar to determine the condition of the batteries during charge. A warmer battery indicates a full charge.

7) The desiccator, at the bottom of the home jar, will help prevent the formation of moisture inside the jar as the temperature varies. Make sure the Desiccator disc clears the battery packs for easy removal to replace the desiccant when it becomes necessary.

— our project is to develop and demonstrate a machine brain transfer, in particular to accept some relatively simple characteristics of a human brain and transfer portions to that of a machine brain, whereby those characteristics could be given a life longevity far exceeding that of the original human, and perhaps establishing immortality — 

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