Monday, October 21, 2013

Brain Cortex Part 2 - the Jar

PART 1 Work continues on the Brain in a Jar series of projects, this time with a single Parallax Propeller chip and larger one liter jars. Parts were purchased from the electronics stores and jars came from the grocery store pet section for rabbits (seriously), Costco (peanut butter section) and the dollar store (although ironically everything cost more than a dollar).

Did we buy rabbit food to get this jar??!!
LEFT: Jar dilemma, what to do with the rabbit food?

Non-glass jars are relatively inexpensive, more safe from breakage, cost no more than US$3, and are made of durable transparent polymer.

The cortex can communicate to the outside world through the transparent home jar with a choice of light sensors, protruded wiring, or transmitters. The battery pack is also rechargeable through the transparent jar with solar cells.

We ate peanut butter to get the peanut butter jar but we doubt we're going to eat the rabbit food in the rabbit food jar. Anyone have a rabbit?

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