Friday, November 15, 2013

Brain Cortex Algorithm Part 33

The algorithm for human brain to machine brain transfers (H2M) is worked on to encode the transfer information. How the algorithm is executed is being studied.

This will include the method to gather and organize information and present it to the machine. It will also address the content of the information and what the human knows. It will likely include at the top hierarchy, knowledge, which will then be broken down into three categories inclusive of facts, experiences and personality.

The algorithm must also include brain data organization and presentation, i.e. a type of interfacing from the human to the machine. Part of this system is the Layer and how it will contain brain information.

— our project is to develop and demonstrate a machine brain transfer, in particular to accept some relatively simple characteristics of a human brain and transfer portions to that of a machine brain, whereby those characteristics could be given a life longevity far exceeding that of the original human, and perhaps establishing immortality — 

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