Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brain Cortex Interim Break Part 27

the brain cortex in a jar is not exactly an Einstein or a Lady Gaga, but it can learn and entertain somewhat
As assembly is held up by mounting the massive battery packs, we asked a question during the interim break. How do you make an electric brain cortex in a jar happy? We polled a section of the population to get over 20 answers. Some of the replies were unexpected and may not apply.

01) Flatter it
02) Offer it more electrical energy
03) Shock it
04) Give it cerial interface
05) Fatten it up with more chips
06) Feed it new programs
07) Let it sleep on the weekend
08) Tell it jokes
09) Build another brain cortex as a friend
10) Help it get high - put it on the top shelf
11) Text it late at night
12) Give it faster internet
13) Buy games for it
14) Connect it to Love Online
15) Date it by carrying around the jar
16) Take it to school for more education
17) Expand it with more processors
18) Offer it machine sex
19) Take it to the movie Skynet
20) Change it batteries
21) Give it eyes, nose, ears
22) Transfer it to a human body
23) Mind meld with it 
24) Let it scare people on Halloween night 
25) Set it next to Einstein's brain for prestige 
26) Connect it to other brains
27) Let it make a Madonna music cover 

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