Monday, November 4, 2013

Brain Cortex Solar Cells Part 21

Put together solar cells to match a battery pack for charging. The number of cells can determine voltage and supplied amperage. The acquisition of an additional panel for the cortex project enables more brains. Two panels, both 3-volt, have capacities of 60 and 120 mA. Series and parallel combinations are possible to drive a load at 3 or 6 volts and to charge batteries to balance battery pack mAh values. In particular, the 60 mA panel is useful for trickle charging. Although the estimated draw of the Cortex is around 30 mA, the actual value could run much higher depending on cog usage. More tests are in the works.

US$10.31 3v @ 120 mA   $.09 per mA
US$06.04 3v @ 060 mA   $.10 per mA

When using a solar panel for charging batteries, use a blocking Schottky 58117 diode to prevent the solar panel from drawing power from the batteries when there is no light.

Two panels will drive a low power 3 volt Propeller circuit and a 6 volt sensor circuit.

The small single solar panel will drive a smaller brain cortex with one Propeller chip.

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