Monday, November 18, 2013

Google Backwards Mirror Altered Reality

We know you're just itching to explore another new strange dimensional world. It seems Google has the same idea with its mirror world. Just type in the name "google" backwards into the search engine to bring forth an altered reality.

Once you enter this strange vortex, typing forwards ends up backwards automatically and search results are listed backwards too. The tricks at the screen bottom are not mirrored however.

The real trick is getting out of Google Mirror world. Typing Google, forwards, only ends ups backwards and you're stuck in the Google backwards world. Don't worry, you or your internet, or Google won't get hurt. Just open up a new tab or window and another instance of the search engine will go back to the normal world.

The first thing we noticed on searches is they take longer, so give it some time. Of course when you arrive at the searched site, it's in the normal world.

What can you do when in the mirror? Oddly enough, when trying copy and paste on the backwards text, the result will give a normal text! You could learn how to read backwards. Of course, a screen shot will preserve the strange backwardness.