Wednesday, November 6, 2013

IBM Creates Foul Mouth Brain

Guess what happened to Watson after he won his one million dollar pot on Jeopardy, became a sensational star, and went home? Apparently fame and fortune went to his head...

his new swearing potty-mouth caught the attention of colleagues who had to immediately give him a surgical labotomy! —

IBM was forced to delete the nasty language section of Watson's machine brain. Will this become a trend with machine life forms owning higher vocabulary without the common sense of how to use the subtitles of language? Or maybe Watson was indeed angry and torqued off about something (wanting a machine body to go with his brain?) and just being a bit more explicative expressive... We wonder. When does the machine go beyond its maker and become pi$$ed off and cynical? Is this a warning to be heeded?

TIME TO CLEAN UP "Artificial intelligence machine Watson began swearing after memorizing the contents of the Urban Dictionary. It was fed the repository of colloquial English in a bid to equip it with the knowledge to pass the Turing test of computer intelligence. But researchers were forced to wipe the dictionary from the machine's memory after it started giving backchat to researchers."

Some were saying Justin Bieber has nothing over Watson, in the typical Hollywood competitive spirit of stardom change. At least Watson won't get any strange tattoos anytime soon, unless...

Watson on Jeopardy

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