Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lab Log Update November 2013

Brains in jars focus November 2013

The Lab is working on a space probe robot of great complexity that is designed to explore the outer limits of the solar system and new worlds. The project is ongoing with the collection of parts necessary to assemble the AI life form.

The machine brain cortex project has eclipsed all other projects temporarily and ramped up with full resources placed on it.

The blog has received world wide interest with growing information about brain cortex transfers and immortality potentials for humans

Amazing concepts of immortality are introduced.

Remarkably, the tomb of the ancient crypt archives of the Lab's first brain cortex were unearthed.

It's hard to believe this time has come - real yet simple "human brain" to "machine brain" H2M transfer is being developed in the Lab.

New and more interesting brain cortex designs and protos are in the works.

Time travel with the exampling penny.

More time is being devoted to creating transferable brain cortex'. In other words, you can stick portions of your brain into the jar and move the Katra from one jar to another.

New telescope invention is released. (Smapping)

Index to the current brain cortex is available and updated.

The Bare Bones was updated. 

The blogger now shows ten blogs to a page instead of seven. This will facilitate backups in ten blog increments.

The Genealogy, the list of machines invented and built before and after the Big Brain, is now updated to include about 1,500 machines. The new found "lost archive" is now included.

The Quotes section is updated.