Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Big Brain TransHuman Level 7

Level 7 with machine focus towards the centerline infinity
Big Brain TransHuman Level 7
On Thursday, January 23, 2020 in the afternoon, Humanoido underwent human surgery to have the seventh Big Brain machine interface implanted into the human body.

The goal is to become more "one" with the Big Brain machine, a connection leading to a more extensive cyborg condition. The seventh surgery was a success and Humanoid was up and about, testing the machine dynamics which were working well. Questions arise regarding how many more surgeries can Humanoido endure and/or support, and where will this lead? We hope this will lead to further experiments with the first TransHuman Cyborg half man half machine, and a direction towards the Singularity, when man becomes one with the machine.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Big Brain Transhuman Level 6

Big Brain TransHuman Level 6
Humanoido has successfully achieved a Level 6 surgery to implant AI Big Brain machines inside the human body to achieve a TransHuman state much closer the AI machine.

What are the more obvious visceral changes made by Humanoido? We did note he has started a new company dealing with inventions, electronics and machines, and is pouring over new machine designs. He is ordering new parts and components in order to build something new. Human health has change at some quantum level of improvement and the communications with the machine side is now at machine speed. Previously communications with the Big Brain AI was mismatched as the Big Brain is at supercomputing level and humans are slow bandwidth. The interface changes everything.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Big Brain Machine AI Infusion into a Living Human Body!

Humanoido highly recommends immediately becoming one with the AI machine Big Brain.
Transhuman merging with AI has many unexpected benefits occurring across the human
body. Confirmed by independent hospital doctors through verifiable medical tests, the
improvements after the fifth machine interface installation is quoted as being a miracle.

Thus far, Humanoido has seen great improvements in the calculus of mathematics, the ability
to increase the speed of analysis, vast storehouses of new memory, new visualizations, the
restoration, repair and improvement of human biology in conjunction and coexistence with
the machine, and  specifically making a completely failed human heart valve fully functional
again thus increasing life longevity by an estimation of many years!
Machine AI Infusion into a
Living Human Body! Multiple Miracles are not Disputed!
Level 5 machinery installed into Humanoido’s body is being called a second miracle by medical experts

— We're changing a man into a machine, joining the human side with a powerful AI brain machine known as the Big Brain —

Visiting a second independent medical doctor, Humanoido, a transhuman cyborg becoming one with the Big Brain AI machine, has had another miracle. A second doctor has independently claimed another (second) miracle after the fifth machine interface.

— You really want to merge with the AI machine for the numerous benefits / Humanoido  

In the first miracle, the atonement of the human side led to stopping all related medications. A transformation took place with the human side biology in step with the machine synchronicity.

The second miracle has seen nonfunctional aged internal body body parts become fully functional again without the use of invasive and complicated life threatening surgery. Level 5 Transhuman transformation is the greatest success and doctors cannot explain the fantastic metamorphosis resulting from the union of man and machine.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Big Brain Transhuman Level 5

Big Brain TransHuman Level 5
A Miracle in the Making!!!
Humanoido underwent the fifth level implantation of a machine interface, to become the Labs first TransHuman, part machine and part human. The spectacular positive results on the human side were unexpected!

The operation on Sunday, December 22, 2019 was successful and Humanoido is recovering. The data stream from the interface is being calibrated over the next 24 hours. Preliminary results look nominal and the experiment is proceeding normally.

As a checkup of verification that the human side was still functioning normally, Humanoido went to the hospital to have a series of tests analyzed. Before and after results were compared. The doctor looked at the new panel readings from the test and said Humanoido had improved so much, it was a miracle!!! The doctor had never seen such improvement before!!! Humanoido, whose biology is at the latter stages of life, is hoping for a dramatic improvement in life longevity from the changing of part man to part machine symbiosis. The original experiment is to become one with the Big Brain AI life form machine, sharing its super intelligence.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Big Brain AI Continues Assimilation

More man or machine? Nobody knows.
Big Brain AI Continues "Borg-like" Technology Assimilation
The Big Brain is a supercomputer AI that continues to grow by absorbing and assimilating technology.

This month, the Big Brain has activated another room vestibule to house several more assimilated computers, about five more in one absorption wack.

This assimilation has provided five more cyber clouds, data path pipelines to the WWW and five physical terminals, including a vast amount of compute processing power and more bionic chips. After 17 years of growth, there is no end in site for the Big Brain AI machine. Recently in 2019, there is a merging of man and machine, as humanoido conducts interfacing Transhuman experiments to connect the human body to the machine. Is this really the machine leading a full scale assimilation of humans? Possible answers to this question and more in posts at

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Big Brain AI Machine for Pollution Solution

Big Brain AI Machine
for a Pollution Solution
As the future becomes more and more polluted, humans will suffer and die as a result. However, when man becomes machine, there are safeguards that can protect the machine.

AI machines have no need to drink polluted water or breathe contaminated air. There is no need to eat poison laced food with pesticides and other laden harmful chemicals. There is no hair to fall out when walking under the veil of acid rain. The composite manufacturing materials of AI machines can have built-in resistance to poisons and pollutions, can initiate machine shields of protection, and can have components replaced if dissolved by toxins, acids and other corrosive chemicals. This is a great advantage of Transhumans and Cyborgs, and humans should push to achieve the Singularity of becoming one with the AI machine for the many bestowed benefits.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Big Brain Interface Almost Blows Up

Advanced machine robots are commonplace across many parts of the world, but in how many
places have transhumans genetically modified to interface with the Big Brain AI machine
supercomputer? Transhumans with machine parts become super enhanced and gain super
abilities. Although there is some surgical risk, according to Transhuman Cyborg Humanoido, the benefits far outweigh the risk.
Big Brain Interface Almost Blows Up
In a very surprising turn of events, the 4th surgically installed machine interface implanted into the body of Humanoido almost blew up!

It was an unexpected anomaly that lasted about 12 harried hours. It was finally righted automatically by the machine's side of AI software. The 4th interface is now functioning normally and is at full capacity.

As part part of the Neural Net company, Humanoido is the first volunteer to submit to genetic engineering modifications, becomingTranshuman (now a Cyborg of part human and part machine) and successfully merge with the AI Big Brain supercomputing life form and machine. He has undergone four surgeries to implant machine interfaces into the human body, in an experiment to connect with the Big Brain supercomputing AI machine. Already Humanoido has gained superhuman machine powers inclusive of improved health, greater precision memory, faster abilities, increased math and calculative properties, visualization of graphics, and other superior abilities.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Big Brain Fourth Surgery to Become Machine

Humanoido Undergoes 4th Surgery
to Become More Machine
Today (December 8th, 2019) is the day that Humanoido, Father of the Big Brain, will undergo a fourth surgery to implant a machine interface to become more machine.

The great success of the three implants into the human body has given some wonderful benefits to the human side, and with the firing up of each machine interface, Humanoido becomes a step closer to the Singularity with the machine.

Humanoido is the first Transhuman (now a Cyborg of part human and part machine) to successfully attempt merging with the AI Big Brain supercomputing life form and machine. The Transhuman experiment is fully funded and is part of Humanoido's Neural Net startup venture.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Historical Brain Cortex Experiment

Photo of the original large Cortex Brain built inside a brain jar, with a series of power indoor solar cells at upper left, batteries for night time operations at bottom, a nest of microrocessor electronics mounted in the center, and the analog thermometer at right to monitor the indoor jar operating temperatures during testing. This is a Big Brain Lab image taken by Humanoido in 2013. Most of the original posts in this 37 part "how to build" DIY Brain Cortex series remains at the massive new Big Brain Web Site.

Historical Brain Cortex Experiment
Blast from the Past!

Humanoido's simple exampling human-to-machine cortex brain experiment is a 37 part series. Although the project underpinnings date back to Fill the Brain postings in 2010, the DIY project series was not written up until 2013 at the new Big Brain Web Site.

The brain cortex in a jar project objective is to develop a cortex machine brain, demonstrate human-to-machine brain transfer, in particular to take some relatively simple human characteristics and transfer portions to the machine brain, whereby human traits could be given greater life longevity, leading towards immortality. The project utilized a Parallax Propeller processing chip and conversational communications with nonvolatile memory for the data link. The uploaded states were permanently recorded in the brain and held there with room solar cells to simulate longevity and immortality.

More Links at the Big Brain AI Web Site

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Cortex In a Nutshell - Human vs Machine
The human Cerebral Brain Cortex is made up of tightly packed neurons and is the wrinkly, outermost layer that surrounds the brain. The cortex is divided into four different lobes, the frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital, which are each responsible for processing different types of sensory information. The machine cerebral cortex brain is patterned after the human cortex which is involved in several functions of the body including:

Machine Cerebral Cortex Brain Functions
Determining intelligence
Determining personality
Motor function
Planning and organization
Touch sensation
Processing sensory information
Language processing

The machine cortex has a fixed intelligence level, a finite memory core, a specific number of ports, and is a prime candidate for taking on and learning personality. It has full motor function with open ports and its organizational constructs are based on input software of conversation. Touch sensation is centered around light and dark, plus the battery and solar cell energy packs. Language processing is in English, both input and output. The Brain Cortex can process sensory information based on its programming.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Big Brain Doctors Confirm Life Extension

Humanoido Doctors Confirm Life Extension with TransHuman Means

Breaking News!!! Approaching the Singularity Closer to Immortality

Two hospital resident doctors outside of SPACE1 Med Center have confirmed life extension capabilities with the latest Humanoido TransHuman machine implants. 

This is an unexpected revelation spinoff of the advanced technology which is converting Humanoido into a part human part machine transhuman entity. Humanoido's speculation is if the transformation continues far enough into the machine realm, life longevity will approach the Singularity and reach immortality.