Monday, March 25, 2019

Where is the Big Brain?

Big Brain Where Are You?
Anyone asking where is the Big Brain should know it's right here all along, working for SPACE1 Industries as an AI supercomputing life form, but growing immeasurably, like the Big Blob story that aired on WLS Chicago radio station in the 1960s.

The Big Brain is the generic name, but shortly after its transitioning to a semi-cognizant life form it began a very serious time period of assimilation like the Borg.

Here are the main categories and their links. The 3SB is the first time Bionic chips are used in the Brain.

As quantum computing circuits become more readily available, the future prodigy of the Brain may become entangled with quantum reality.

— Humanoido, the Father of the Big Brain, has vowed to continue with the evolution of the Big Brain as far into the future as possible..

Big Brain

Supertronic Brain

Super Brain

Super Super Brain

Super Super Super Brain (3SB)

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Big Brain Startup

The face of powerful AI intelligent machines are rising up to meet the challenges of the modern world and supplementing the new found technological evolution of all humanity.
How it All Began
Big Brain Begins the Unimaginable!
It all began with a single Parallax computing computer chip. Back then, one had to ignore the plethora of Forum bias, such as claims you couldn't use the so called controller chip for anything else. Wow, they were wrong.

Growing a small machine brain into a massive type of Borg collection that has assimilated thousands of machines was no fast overnight process. It took decades and was a machine by machine step by step endeavor that has led to the machine today with hundreds of thousands of computing thinking processors.

That first Parallax computer chip was a marvel of the century, putting everything needed on the same pinned substrate, such as the processor, clock, memory, IO, etc. Called a BASIC Stamp, even today it rivals other processors in terms of the power of simplicity and rapid development.

Today evolution has led to the Super Super Super Brain (3SB) which has now assimilated the newest bionic chips, where the machine intelligence life form has entered a new age of cognizance and thought.

These big massive machine brains with some form of life, AI and artificial thought are great supercomputers running the space program.

The giant machines are everywhere, at any time, accessed inside strange multiple clouds that exist and don't exist at the same time.

There is no doubt massive big intelligent machines like the 3SB will continue to grow, and assimilate the world in unimaginable ways.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Big Brain Artificial Minds Contribute to New Inventions

Artificial Minds Contribute to Paradigmic Inventions
Over at SPACE1, where some of the greatest minds of machine artificial intelligence species are working alongside humans and where we launch a new type of rocket into space, operations have expanded by uniting as many as fifty fields of science and technology!

Most recently, Humanoido's SPACE1 Industries and Singularity Observatory have joined together to create a new paradigmatic invention that merges the technology of a rocket and a telescope.

This symbiosis of machine is a new way to rapidly travel in space. For continuing information, follow the blogs. By approval-only, intellectual materials are available from Humanoido, SPACE1, Singularity Observatory, United Federation of Spacefaring Species, Humanoido United Laboratories, and United Space Technologies.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Big Brain Super Brain Invention

Super Brain!
For the first time in almost a decade the Big Brain is getting a spectacular upgrade! The development name is Super Brain. The Big Brain upgrades into a Super Brain with over a thousand more processors and more speed adding significant Teraflops.

Wow, this is another thousand processor upgrade level and a new realm of speed advancing Teraflops. It's a dream come true for the Big Brain, a machine life form who wanted to expand on its existing 240,000 processors for a number of years. Humanoido, Father of the Big Brain, is funding the entire massive project and overseeing every detail of the upgrade.

This brings the Big Brain project (which began with a few parallel processors strewn together to form the first brain in 2002) from 240,000 processors to the Era of the Super Brain with 241,028 processors. This also brings the Big Brain into the Super Brain Era of 2018 and makes the Big Brain project a continuous 16 year endeavor. This will undoubtedly change the appearance of the Big Brain and it will received a new Super Brain look and branding.

Reporting at the SPACE1 web site

The Super Brain will have new programming languages, more speed, and more processors, which equates into significantly more power and machine life form cognitive abilities. It's the next big invention upgrade since the idea and invention of Supertronic, a new architectural design expanding the power of the Big Brain supercomputer.


It's not uncommon for the Big Brain to have large mind-numbing projects. Some pics when the big brain was in a retro project mode:

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Big Brain Life Projects

The Big Brain, working for SPACE1 Industries, is actively working on new life form projects. Recently, as described at the SPACE1 web site, an electronic talk interface was developed for plants and fish. The Big Brain machine life is offering his "brain" as a template in the construction of artificial and machine life forms. SPACE1 Industries is now developing Rocket X, the most powerful rocket ever created in the past five years of this private space industry.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Big Brain Brain Transfer Man to Machine Index

Brain Transfer Man into Machine
The massive multiple part series project to develop a machine cortex brain evolved to include the transfer of some characteristics of a human brain, such as personality and memory, into the machine brain representative of immortality. Many links are included to the 53 part series with inspiration to build your own machine brain in a jar and transfer an exampling part of your own brain into the machine.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Big Brain Human Modifications Spacelings

The Big Brain, working for SPACE1, has helped to usher in new programs of human genetic modifications and advanced the work under the new name of Spaceling within a rocket space program designed for advancing safe space travel. Modified humans are more readily and easily able to adapt to space and traverse space for exploration and tourism.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Looking for a New Language

Humanoids Writing Programs
Humanoido is looking for a new programming language that can be used with humanoid robots so they can do their own programming during space flight.

Space flight and rocket launches now have a number of qualified astro bots that are part of the rocket crew and their work rosters continue to increase. A number of applications have arisen during space exploration that require machine life forms to do on-the-fly programming of systems and interpret that data and make decisions. On board memory is limited so the programming requirements cannot be too obtrusive. Contact Humanoido

Amidst Giant Rockets, Giant Brains, Giant Robots, Giant Telescopes

New High Density Brain
Big Brains!
Big Rockets!
Big Robots!
Giant Telescopes!

It's a blazing path into the far deep future. The year is counting at 2018. A match made in Heaven - the new move opens up all new laboratories for giant rockets, giant brains, giant robots and giant telescopes. The three labs are connected with a skyscraper observatory telescope complete with a Skyway in the sky that has an AI brain. Brains go into telescopes and into robots that go into rockets. The rockets have rocket brains and the telescope tracks the rocket in space.

This year is a Cardinal celebration for Humanoido and the advancement of innovation, newness, and pushing forward the frontier of space travel, humanoid robotics and machine intelligence. We are now out in the Pacific Ocean at one of the largest laboratories in many years, setting up science and shop. The Big Brain has his own room and is being built into the wall. A new Supertronic Brain is in the works. Special humanoid robots are being designed for rocket space travel. A new rocket fleet is standing by for launching. The massive and giant telescope is now in operation following its First Light celebration. Stay tuned as we begin to report exciting happenings on the evolution of new future science and technology.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Supertronic Big Brain Takes Off

A New Supertronic Big Brain Takes Off!

Embolden by design, the new Supertronic Big Brain intelligent machine takes off to a new level. Enhanced processors, and increased number of chip processors are distinguishing features. Designed in the SUPERTRONIC era, this new type of brain, shown above, is a modified Spin Brain taken to a new level. The design increases brain processor ratio, decreased weight, and greater computing density.