Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brain Cortex Jar Study Part 54

BRAIN CORTEX In the forth corridor, the spirit thermometer bisects the compartment making space for dual desiccators at this location. The jar has three remaining full size dessication compartments created by the corners of mounted power units. The jar study verifies the necessity of a sizable desiccation system. After the jar is hermetically sealed, RH will settle although the temperature may fluctuate based on the external temperature variance and heat given off by the internal energy source.
As work progresses on the construction of a brain in a jar and electric devices are coming together, experiments are conducted on the atmosphere occurring inside the jar.

With the jar kept a bit ajar on the lid, the temperature and humidity are monitored without the Desiccator Unit in place. As the temperature drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, we see the RH shooting up to 65 without any indoor climate control in place.

High levels of humidity are to be avoided inside the jar to prevent any surface sweating condensation and resulting corrosion, and as a result of this study, the jar will received a Quad Desiccator to bring down RH.

It's recommended to keep the jar sealed, activate the QD, and monitor the internal temperature particularly during charging to prevent any overheating conditions.

Desiccators can be removed for dessication recharging, by removing heat safe chemical crystals in the container and baking the contents on a metal pan in an oven to remove their moisture content. Instructions are on the web and follow all safety precautions.

The QD will reside in the four remaining corners produced by mounting the Power Units. In the fourth containment, a space bisection results leaving two narrow vertical corridors which are perfect for mounting cylindrical desiccators, one one each side of the spirit thermometer.

The QD is currently under construction, mainly involving a large collection of the dessication chemical. The dessication chemical is free by scrounging assorted sources and packaging.