Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cortex Brain Hibernation Part 52

Jar brain hibernation journey into time
Once you have a portion of your brain transferred into the jar in machine electric format, it becomes relatively easy to establish a mode of hibernation.

This safe low power mode can preserve the program and memory for very long periods of time, and then awaken to full performance status.

Hibernation, similar to napping or sleeping, can be conducive to long periods of time in suspension, in getting from time frame A to time frame B with minimal expenditures of resources.

Step hibernation is possible to allay portions or time periods. Like a time period jump from A to B, it helps move farther into the future.

For example, it may be useful to enter a time period of hibernation when the jar has no caretaker. It may be useful to enter low power modes to get maximum time penetration of the batteries.

Hibernation, napping, sleeping can all result in greater time penetration. Penetrating farther into the future, like a living time capsule, is one objective of this project.

Hibernation is similar to suspended animation, like a process of slowing down or freezing the human body only to restore it in the future. In this case, the circuits are slowed down or electrically frozen or suspended and restored in the future.

Time Period Jump
Suspended Animation
Step Hibernation 
Encapsulated Time

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