Saturday, December 7, 2013

M3T Massive Molecular Mining Telescope Views Titan

Penetrating Titan's thick atmospheric shroud is a great challenge. Our data observatory is mining the molecular constructs within and under the atmosphere of Moon Titan.

Why? Titan is a very rich moon, filled with a lifetime supply of wealthy hydrocarbons and natural oil, just ready for shipment back to the Earth and Mars as a source of pure energy. Merely scoop it up from the oil lakes and atmosphere - ready for the plucking.

This black gold could power the Earth for generations to come. Soon the oil deposits on the Earth will be depleted and space barging mineral wealth back to the Earth will become an important business.

Our space program is focused on Titan. We're building the Robotic Titan Moon Explorer and continuing to watch the moon with our telescopes to gather data for a future landing and mining operation.

This M3T Telescopic visible energy view is a precursor to the upcoming molecular view. Surprisingly, visible energy shows detail and a penetration through the thick veil of smog clouds. Study shows Titan has heavy smog from methane and hydrocarbons, even lakes of thickened oil, and glimpsing detail through the air is a great challenge. When it happens as seen on this data image, it's a rare event.

Stay tuned for the new upcoming view in moleculars. It sure to be spectacular, unlike anything ever seen before!