Sunday, December 8, 2013

Huge Space Egg - What will it Hatch?


We've found a place where eggs grow in deep space and time. These are actual space eggs, composed of space and time, and some kind of molecular particle plasma, stuck to the gravity well of a singularity, multiplying and growing to enormous proportions! The space eggs appear to have many of the features of a typical earthly bird egg as shown in the diagram below.

What are giant energy eggs doing in space? The egg is actually a space time particulate egg, undergoing some unknown growing transformation in a suspension of temporal fluid time and space. What is it giving birth to? What strange anomalous creature or thing may emerge from its shell? One hypothesis is the egg is a birthing particulate aggregate of a new place in space time.

The discovery is not too surprising given the twelve extremely powerful telescopes located far out in space, with the grand M3T telescope recently operational being on the most powerful. These vast in size telescopes not only see farther and in new filtered dimensional light, they are capable of capturing new realms, such as gravatomics, moleculars and inferences.

This space egg even has a round germination disc on the right, and development striated materials feeding the Vitelline. Unfortunately the egg is temporal due to the Singularity, existing outside of our time frame and undergoing intense gravitational influences putting it in a flux state relative to our positional time line. The outcome, or birthing event, may not happen for another billion years. Will the temporal outcome speed up or slow down? More study may answer this question.

One new telescope under consideration that may help answer this questions is the Power Extrapolation Telescope or ET. ET can take a number of observations made at significantly different time periods and upon examining the materials, parameters, and changes, construct an extrapolated future view. The objective is to accomplish this in real time on the fly through the telescope. This could in theory speed up the evo of an observed object.

ET could observe the egg and extrapolate a new view closer to the point of birth.

The big question is what will this huge space egg hatch and exactly how can space and time do the incubation? Could it birth a new kind of space creature, a new kind of space, or some very strange living anomaly of inexplicable nature? Whatever pops out of this big space egg, it's sure to be strange!